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March 10, 2009

Actions, real concrete type, speak louder over cheap words, lies, spins..

Rightfully the creation of real, permanent manufacturing jobs that make and sell goods at home or abroad, export goods  is the only valid job stimulus I basically uphold, support, and the rest for me is mere wastes, throwing out good money or  mostly  makes the rich get richer, IT DOES NOT HELP THE POOR, UNEMPLOYED now REALLY….
Now Eighty-five per cent of the autos and parts produced in Canada flow to the U.S., where demand for vehicles has plummeted by 50 per cent, so new goods and new markets also do have to be developed now. It’s what American consumers do and buy, not just what Canadians do and buy that counts now too. Job Stimulas means valid  sales, marketing, manufacturing developments and so Mr Harper where is it really seen now? Where???????
So Canada’s PM Stephen Harper’s Throne speech targets economy, but is short on real detail. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper only gives cheap words, talks big and says a  US recovery is first  necessary for a Canadian rebound, and next  Canada will emerge from slump stronger,  , or  Canada to emerge from global crisis before others and stronger  too or Canada’s PM is upbeat about the future economy  now still are all more mere lies for me and not the truth, realities. Harper has a known long history of being a big liar already too
First budget progress report reports little actual progress  OTTAWA – The Harper government issued its first budgetary progress report Tuesday, insisting it’s ready to start rolling out $20 billion worth of economic stimulus in April – provided that Liberals don’t delay passage of budget legislation.
So tell us all now how many new manufacturing jobs now were made the last 2 months in Canada, and/or how many were lost instead? Reality.


In Contrast US President Obama, who marked his 50th day in office on Tuesday, has proposed a wide-ranging plan of tax increases on the wealthy, a costly program to reshape the nation’s healthcare system and set a marker for developing a system aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


Quebec premier promises to make employment his government’s top priority QUEBEC – The months ahead will be difficult for Quebec, Premier Jean Charest said Tuesday as he kicked off a new sitting of the national assembly by promising to make employment his top priority.



According to the pastor Harper was a good christian. The  hypocritical, pretentious fundamental right winged evangelical pastor of New Life Beginings in LaSalle, Quebec  Preaches next openly today now  for us not to have anything to do with a person who drinks wine, and to stand up against all people who do any wrong, to openly speak to them, and lies and says come and talk to me your pastor after church. I am always really interested to hear from you about all of your concerns but  in reality when you do try to talk to him..  I thus told him Harper drinks beer.. but since he himself cannot handle negative truths, he the ostrich no good pastor refuses to talk with me  and  says I am tired now, I refuse to hear any of that, I refuse to believe any of that, that is all gossip,  slanders, and we do not allow anyone who causes disturbance, problems, gives any criticism in our church, so please leave now. So much for their false professing Christian love, brotherly love, their openness now, free speech too.. The same pastor says he does not believe anything the news media writes at all. So who does he believe? only himself it seems. 

For the record, Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada himself now did  not even deny to me that he drinks beers and/or alcohol, or that he even gives presents of alcohol to others as well. So why do any of the others?


too many Conservatives still also lie and say you can be a good family man and be an alcoholic as well..
the sad reality contradicts it often..  the broken next  homes..  

and no man can serve two masters, for he will love one and hate the other..

PS anyone who is naive to say that professing Christians do not drink alcohol, get drunk just should read all the letters I often do get from professing Christian pastors acknowledging they drink wine, alcohol and trying to justify it.. I have often written about this too

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