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February 25, 2009

top post read to date

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Consumer protection from Big bad Bell is one of my top concerns and read often including

CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed control

Bit Torrent – P2P sites -network traffic -Network Neutrality


Buyer beware, iphones, Beware especially of ..

Bell Lied

Bell’s lies vs reality again

Clearly the Canadian CRTC is in someone’s back pocket

Phone companies internet at disadvantage

Bell Canada recently is so ready to sue others, first needs to sue itself.

ISP false, misleading adds

Bell, BCE own profitability..

Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services,

News Editors Canada, Bell sympatico

Bell, BCE, Sympatico. iPhone

POOR SERVICES- ISP, Phone still an unacceptable reality

Bell moves to limit internet competitors, ISPs

Unacceptable merger between Bell and Telus

Takin ya to the cleaners each month… BELL

The war against Bell

Just cause you got a Smartphone

Federal Consumer protection? Ha ha ha

To Bell Sympatico

Bell Sympatico Canada

Bell, BCE, Sympatico. iPhone

Bell, Sympatico – Customer’s profiles

the best iphone to buy or to use?

Bad Bell Sympatico

Bell Executive Care

Self regulation- It is not the real thing

Dealing effectively with complaints, problems, bad service , ISP provider-

Consumers Affairs

Are you having problems with your ISP too?

Bell is still undeniable guilty of bait and switch, false misleading trade, advertising practices.

Bell’s latest response

Bell’s Consumer complaints , abuses and their increase was so predictable

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