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February 12, 2009

New RCMP policy on Tasers restricts use


Medical journal article says Taser stun to the head can cause seizures  OTTAWA – Stun guns can cause seizures if their tiny electric barbs pierce the scalp and shock the brain, says a new article on the accidental jolting of a police officer.


OTTAWA – New RCMP policy recognizes that Taser stun guns can kill – especially “acutely agitated” suspects – and restricts their use to cases involving threats to officers or public safety. The overuse of the TASER gun by law enforcement officers is a worldwide problem,  Taser use needs to be clearly restricted to cases where lethal force would otherwise be used. TASERS should only be used in situations that would normally warrant an officer firing his sidearm. Additionally, if OnStar can tell when/where a car’s been in an accident, then electronic tracking of TASER gun firings must be possible, and in fact, should be mandated for all models accepted for use by law enforcement agencies. Finally, much like when an officer discharges a firearm, every TASER incident should be fully reviewed, and each officer held publicly accountable for their actions.   I think if similar regulations were put in place, officers will think twice before they use their TASERs in unwarranted situations.  And those who fail to adhere to this policy need to be seriously punished, potentially going as far as permanent dismissal from the RCMP.   We need police who protect citizens, not police who kill them. Sadly too many of RCMP officers are “thugs”, out to harm unarmed civilians, that is why they had joined the force, and it wouldn’t follow that restricting their use of tasers would lead to more gun use  BECAUSE NEXT OF THE  related paperwork, internal reviews associated.. what every cop hates even more. The RCMP is a catastrophe from the top down. They are an embarrassment to other police forces in the country.



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