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February 10, 2009



 Famous last words


Western Canada hit hardest by decline

B.C. and Alberta see swifter, sharper downturn than other provinces as housing slumps and bankruptcies soar. Stephen Harper’s own riding in a downfall? Unbelievable.   

 Alberta ‘not immune’ from economic turmoil
Globe and Mail  EDMONTON – The Alberta government is warning its residents to brace for difficult times as the province copes with collapsing energy prices and a stalled global economy.
Province prepares new strategy for managing oilsands, global … Calgary Herald
Alberta throne speech promises action to protect jobs and … The Canadian Press
660 News – Edmonton Journal – CHQR –
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Beware laying spin doctors at work. Remember how they said in the past in Canada that the closed door  to the US borders was temporary, even for the mad cows as well, and next the reality was very severe, different . Now another lying government spin doctor says this Canada wide recession will only last one year.. but the reality is 15 years, for that is how long it takes to kick start again the Canadian economy in historical reality.  

And making it easier to get a car loan or a home mortgage when many people have decided not to drive at all, and have clearly  stopped buying non essentials is another Harper- Conservative absurd approach too.

 There is no doubt that Stephen Harper brought his government to the brink of downfall after last fall’s economic statement that called for the abolition of taxpayer subsidies to political parties, with severe damage to the reputation of Stephen Harper as a successful leader now as well.   Stephen Harper’s SOLE RECESSION help  at that time was mainly  to cut the opposition parties grants. We all now know what happened next. The new Conservatives under Stephen Harper next came within a governor general’s decision of falling to a Liberal/NDP coalition that was propped up by a more than willing Bloc Quebecois. Harper awaken to the gravity of the situation, suspended parliament for 60 days and came out with a new budget which could have equally been drafted by Michael Ignatieff, the current Liberal leader and Stephen Harper was saved from the guillotine as a result. While the new Conservative -Harper government unveiled in shock its deficit producing, record-spending budget  that today that’s called stimulating the economy, but  few years ago, it was called the sponsorship program that was despised, objected to by the same Conservatives, Harper included. It’s overall effectivness is very much questionable again too. “Conservative ministers have been dispatched on selling trips across the country, armed with press releases and promises of much public loot at every stop” they now  should not stop any of us from examining the actual working details, productiveness, effectiveness  of the budget still and all taxpayers on high alert for taxpayer’s money abuses still too. Since we tend to know that History repeats itself and there still rather likely would be a lot better way to spend the same money and produce more effective job creation results for the unemployed, jobless citizens.  Especially “As federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser reported last week, the government spends billions of dollars every year with no clue what, if anything, it achieves.  And when a program is driven by photo ops and a need to spend public money quickly, odds are high it is a boondoggle waiting to happen. It’s not that we haven’t seen this movie before. The last time a government launched a major infrastructure spending spree to “stimulate a moribund economy” was in the 1990s. By the time the cheques were written, the program had provided fodder for not one but two damning reports by the auditor general. ” Causing a change of government and next  we taxpayers were not any better off now as well! Forecast for  days ahead, Vigilance of the new Conservatives, Stephen Harper rightfully still needed. 

“OTTAWA – After dismal jobless reports out of Canada and the U.S., the Liberals wasted no time Friday attacking the Conservatives on their handling of the economy.  “Not only did they not see this coming, but they have no idea where they are going,” Liberal finance critic John McCallum said to kick off Question Period.  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said January’s record job loss numbers paint a clear picture of just how severely the recession has affected Canadian families while the Conservatives were asleep at the switch. Ignatieff said the staggering numbers are precisely why he has put the government on probation with his Liberal budget amendment.  “Last fall, Stephen Harper said that it was a good time to buy stocks, he said that there was no need to run a deficit and he said if we were going to have a recession it would have happened by now,” said Ignatieff. “We now know that as he was saying that, the market fell further, the Conservatives were in the red, and over 234,000 jobs were lost.”  “This government has failed to plan and failed to protect Canadian jobs. It didn’t see the seriousness of the downturn and failed to bring in an immediate stimulus package when the urgency was clear,” he said.”

Ignatieff making more favourable impression than Harper, Layton: Poll  OTTAWA – A new poll suggests the Tories’ federal leadership advantage has evaporated since Michael Ignatieff took over the Liberal helm.

Alberta home prices to slip 9% in ’09: Crea
Calgary Herald –  The Canadian Real Estate Association is forecasting MLS residential sales will fall by 19 per cent this year in Alberta compared with 2008,while the average sale price will drop by nine per cent in the province.
Loss of confidence swamps house market Toronto Star
Calgary housing starts slide by 66% in January
Forbes – Windsor Star – Financial Post – Globe and Mail
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The whole truth comes out.. drunk drivers, snow removal, road accidents, recession..

Surging welfare demands in Ontario now really still begs the Questions as to when actually many of these people had lost their jobs, were unable to find one, after all welfare is used after one’s months of Unemployment insurance is used up first? It ALSO THUS seems someone is not telling us the true figures of the number of people unemployed in Canada, Ontario firstly, the recession did not just start this year.. especially since the people on welfare are generally no longer counted as unemployed.. Well the whole truth is coming out, being exposed even in Ontario. 

“CP  Ont. – Premier Dalton McGuinty dismissed calls Tuesday to accelerate the uploading of social assistance programs from municipalities, despite warnings that surging welfare costs will mean big tax hikes for struggling homeowners. “The short answer is no, I don’t believe so,” McGuinty said in London, Ont. The province, which pays for 80 per cent of welfare benefits, has moved a “long way” towards easing the burden on municipalities, he said. “Our burden, so to speak, is four times greater than theirs when it comes to dealing with the challenge of increasing welfare roles,” McGuinty said. “Just as they have financial challenges, so do we, and we’re going to have to find a way to manage our way through these.”  

A recent TD Economics report warned that homeowners in struggling Ontario communities may be hit with big property-tax hikes to cover rising welfare costs during the recession. The report singled out Toronto, but TD economist and co-author Derek Burleton said other municipalities will face similar financial pressures as the economy sours. In its budget plan released Tuesday, Toronto signalled that residential property taxes will rise by four per cent in 2009. Mayor David Miller cited higher costs for transit, policing, snow clearance (* this  explains why there have been more road accidents in Ontario now too, 17000 in the last 2 months, since Ontario’s roads have not been immediately cleared of the snow it seems..) and welfare in defending the hike. Municipalities can’t go into deficits, but the provincial government can. Municipalities currently pay 20 per cent of welfare benefits, but they also administer the program, and the province has capped increases to its share of those administrative costs, Burleton noted in his report. 

Windsor, Ont., has been struggling for years to find a way out of a severe economic downturn that began in 2002, said Mayor Eddie Francis.  As manufacturing jobs disappeared, welfare caseloads started to “skyrocket” in 2005, he said.  With Windsor’s jobless rate hitting 11 per cent – the highest in Canada – more people are turning to welfare and other social programs as their unemployment benefits run out, Francis said.  As the costs of maintaining those programs go up, the amount of tax revenue the city is collecting is plunging, he added.  * “We’re at a point right now where… we’ve cut to the bone in terms of city services,” Francis said.  Last year, the city lost about $15 million in tax revenue – the equivalent of a four per cent tax hike – because property values are falling and companies are shuttering plants and factories, Francis said.  The loss of a GM plant alone would cost the city $3 million in much-needed tax revenue, he added.  Speeding up the provincial upload of costs from municipalities and the arrival of much-needed federal cash for infrastructure projects would ease financial burden many cities and towns are facing, he said.  “Everything is needed right now – all the tools,” he said. 

* It clearly appears that the lying Police chief of Ontario and also cops themselves who wrongfully  even as of lately had have blamed most of the drivers themselves, speeding,  for most of the accidents, they clearly wrongfully had failed to mention now that snow clearing  road services were not up to par due to the recession… and definitely contributed to the accidents. the Liars, the” OPP responded to over 17,000 crashes on OPP patrolled highways in the last two months. Sgt. Woodford says not to blame the weather for the collisions, but drivers not driving according to road conditions, such as speeding and following too closely”, 

Now also the recession has been  going on for years in Ontario since 2005 and Stephen Harper did not know this as the Prime Minister of Canada, so now supposedly he could not deal with it or in reality he wrongfully again did not care to know, deal with it still  oo? and he does not know firsthand about alcoholism and it’s  problem now too? 

Former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin complained Stephen Harper was too slow in bringing forward a stimulus package, saying the government should have acted before Christmas.“I think the situation is very worrisome and I think that when you see these job numbers it’s a pity that we didn’t begin with the stimulus much earlier,” Martin said of a $40-billion plan MPs approved in principle last week.

“The quicker you get at this kind of thing, the better off you are. I also think it’s very important the kind of stimulus that you engage in.”

Meanwhile, Brian Mulroney expressed skepticism over Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney’s prediction the economy will pick up next year. 

“While I hope he’s right, I find it somewhat optimistic,” said Mulroney, who grappled with a massive deficit that amounted to 8.7 per cent of the GDP when he took over from Pierre Trudeau in 1984.

Do see all of my posts about bad Stephen Harper now too. 




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