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February 7, 2009

Canada’s Jobless need more help, and the federal Stimulus is unlikely to stem job losses


Do first  stop electing, hiring  liars, alcoholics, incompetents, and pretenders mostly.. instead fire all of them

The rather too often ridiculous, diversionary selfishly oriented  discussions about tax reductions are generally absurd, inadequate in helping create jobs, or in helping the unemployed for in reality unemployed people do not pay taxes or generate tax  revenues, and that also includes the too many  much too many unprofitable, poorly managed  firms now as well.
The Jobless need more help, and the federal Stimulus is still unlikely to stem the job losses, help the unemployed. 
Reality, Canada  is in the starts of of a deep recession and the proposed existing  fiscal stimuli, is very much  inadequate and what is needed is real, viable, tangible job creation programs. The hardworking Canadians who have been paying into employment insurance for years to have access to employment insurance at a time of need and what do they really get, 5 extra weeks extension of UI for them to find non existent jobs? After which their sole option is to go on social welfare but first they will have to loose all of their assets, savings.
The 2009 Canadian federal budget had extended employment insurance payments for those who are eligible by five weeks. But Finance Minister Jim Flaherty resisted demands to increase benefits or ease eligibility rules. Currently, only 54 per cent of laid-off workers qualify.
Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner accused Human Resources Minister Diane Finley of failing to grasp the gravity of the situation.
 Calling the job carnage a “national tragedy,” NDP MP Peter Julian said the Liberals are also to blame for an inadequate assistance package.“They’re simply rubber-stamping a Conservative budget that continues a policy that is hurting thousands and thousands of Canadian families at the worst possible time — when they lose their jobs and they have no one to turn to,” he said. 
Canada’s present and upcoming  Jobless need more real help. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government still even faces mounting demands to improve all of the support for the jobless in the wake of the vast continual  increase in layoffs  across the country.  Opposition parties now rightfully accused the  unprepared for Prime Minister Harper, who had falsely assured us mere months ago that if Canada were facing a recession, we would already have had it, of  leaving out the now large, continually growing pool of unemployed persons to deeply suffer without their receiving adequate help now, next. A financial recovery plan crafted on making the banking loaned easier available to industry, car buyers, home purchasers  also into enough. Any incentives designed to buy new vehicles when there is no job to go to is a real unacceptable  fiasco as well..
I personally sat in the Alberta Minister’s career and manpower office, job creation program, office decades ago and found out firsthand the he had no plan whatsoever to deal with increasing Alberta’s  employment, for he falsely too was relying on others to do it  That seems to be still the trend of what too many of our leaders are also doing. Unacceptably Nothing!
The federal government  relying  on an uncertainty, a speedier U.S. recovery to hopefully boost the country’s fortunes, unemployment figures is a clear absurdity, unacceptability. Canada itself will next have to deal with a vast amount of likely home foreclosures as well which will add to the woes. 
Federal finance minister Flaherty rejected calls to ease employment insurance eligibility, saying that extending benefits was the best way to help the jobless. How stupid is he, does he really believe that the economy will turn around in that period of time while most public, civil servants, politicians, ministers doing nothing about it all? Or in his mind is he still like the fool, Ostrich  of a PM Harper who said there was not going to be any major Canadian recession? Sure seems like it. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Unacceptable., Really inacceptable.
Instead of everyone chasing their own tail we need to get down to serious job creation programs, give real help to the unemployed.
It was about 25 years ago, 2.5 decades ago I reviewed the matter of recession and job creation programs approach in Canada and I had fully, rightfully concluded that the best and fastest way to increase jobs, to create MORE  jobs, for this certainty was not through the rather mostly wasteful GOVERNMENTAL,  MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENTS, AGENCIES.
The effective job creation programs  should  rather be done through the established firms in the private sector and done by mainly  increasing  their existing  sales, marketing, developing additional markets, products in these existing profitable small, medium or larger firms. Most private firms still are hesitant to expand, they need incentives, encouragement to take on the extra problems, new work, to expand  for they all tend to reach a comfort operating  level and they tend not to want to next even increase their size, profitability in fact. Hoping to develop  new jobs, profitability by the creation, establishment of the  new firms is very unlikely, for  it takes years before these firms show some degree to stability and profitability.
So you have to establish reasons for a new firm to create the new jobs, such as a cash grant, rewards  for each of their new employee who lasts longer than 2 years with the firm. And provide for 2 months on the job retraining.
In order to do this you have to now help them to develop more effectively especially firstly  their own sales, marketing department as well. A role the pretentious, incompetent FBDB is not capable of doing now even as well.. The government thus also should offer free services from a private sales, marketing consulting firm to help any firm that requests it a free review, recommendations towards  increasing effectively, immediately their firm’s profitability, sales and size.
PS The  cops, the RCMP included generally POOR, False, unacceptable solution in dealing with opposition, bad guys is to kill them, and that is a good reasons why cops or ex cops should never be allowed into politics

Liberal Ignatieff makes gains at HARPER’S EXPENSE- Poll

OTTAWA — The popularity gap between the government and the official Opposition has narrowed once again, with 37 per cent of decided voters supporting Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and 31 per cent behind Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals, according to the results of the latest Ipsos Reid poll.
The poll conducted for Canwest News Service and Global Television showed the Liberals have steadily narrowed a 23-point gap behind the Conservatives in early December to six points in the two months since Ignatieff replaced Stephane Dion as leader.

“Ignatieff’s clearly in the game,” John Wright, Ipsos Reid senior vice-president, public affairs, said in an interview Friday.

Nationally, the Conservatives retain a commanding lead in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. But the Liberals have overtaken the Conservatives in Ontario for the first time since the federal election, and retain a firm lead in Atlantic Canada. The Bloc Quebecois widened its lead over the Conservatives and the Liberals in Quebec since results of the last poll were released Jan. 9.

The Bloc has the support of 42 per cent of Quebecers, an increase of seven points, over the Liberals at 24 per cent, the Conservatives at 18 per cent, the NDP at 11 per cent and the Greens at 10 per cent. Five per cent of voters are undecided.

Nationally, the Conservatives still hold a commanding lead of 48 per cent in British Columbia, 70 per cent in Alberta, and 55 per cent in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Liberals lead Ontario with 39 per cent support, compared to 37 per cent for the Conservatives, 14 per cent for the NDP and 10 per cent for the Greens.

In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals are on top with 48 per cent, followed by 25 per cent for the NDP, 24 per cent for the Conservatives and four per cent for the Greens.

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