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February 4, 2009

I lost faith in Canada’s justice system long time ago

 The faith in the Canadian Justice system  must have rightfully gone out the windows long time ago after I had personally in Canada now also had encountered  the too many crooked evangelical pastors, too many crooked cops, too many crooked accountants, too many  lying lawyers and their bad regulating societies, too many no good, lazy immoral civil and public servants too.
It really now was a false bliss to be ignorant, the first 25 years of my life was a very sheltered one, all hidden behind family, friends, school, university in Canada in fact.
 My work place itself tended to be very tame, with exception of an occasional selfish, overly ambitious, rude manager or employee.. most people in the private sector tend to be busy working now not rather playing dirty politics, most but not all… some people wrongfully do still use the work place as a place to do their own thing, to play dirty politcs and do not try to  actually do their assigned work.
My first major rude awakening to the real world was to encounter in am evangelical  Church  an immoral, maniulating,self centered  evangelical pastor, which next became also the norm the next half a century as well, and this sudden revelation now next was also often confirmed by many others. It was also a shock for me to also see how anyone an be quickly kicked out of the so called evangelical Christian Churches in fact, for all they had to do is stop giving money to the church or let others know they do not go along with the bad pastors, bad elders, bad deacons.. Any financial dissension   is generally ground from immediate dismissal. The real sad thing is about 70 percent of the pastors are still crooked these days, (and yes likely the lawyers, barristers, politicians, cops now as well)  and they tend  tailor their services, church services too for the money givers.. they do use whatever means that will give them money next. It was a very sad discovery that most of the perverse, crookedness in life now still tends to be around one trying to get more money too, in society and the churches, after all they tend to be not much different.. where the poor persons are not anymore welcomed in many even in the churches too..
Too busy still employed, working I did not have the time to discover firsthand what the real world was like.. until I next became sick and unemployed.. now with plenty of free time I next encountered what the too often perverse cops rather are like, busy generating mostly unbeneficial but still money making, self promotional parking ,traffic tickets .. etc and it was a shock to see how the too often perverse judges in the courts falsely went along with it too.
My encounter next was with the too many crooked, perverse business persons, crooked accounts even, lying lawyers and bad politicians now too,, all of which  was also a big eye opener.  In Canada   the justice system is still mostly pretentious and incompetent, but  that is nothing now new,  the sadly reality of many of our public and civil servants, cops, RCMP, political, regulating societies now included… and you find out generally the hard way when you are necessitated to try to use their services.. and not before. They all  mostly are unwilling, and ill-equipped to monitor and enforce: illegal major criminal, abuses, activity, and yet they still do take our taxes and their pay all while lying they are mainly serving us all..
(Jer 5:31 KJV)  The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?
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