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February 3, 2009

Known alcoholics on the job

The continual mismanagement, budget deficit, tax payer money abuses and has there been even any changes in all this really? We all  really still do need still a full  review of the waste, fraud, and abuse that has plagued governmental efforts. What is also needed is a enforced, real program to remove public officials from office that take our money and abuse it, spend it on their own false pet projects while many of our people still are not getting the help that they need. You also did notice the cops do too often still  not  practice what they preach to others they themselves still do like to speed, and how many like to drink and drive still too?

January 2004 was the start of my recent rash of my written correspondences mainly on the unacceptable  tax payers money abuses, injustices at the federal, provincial municipal levels too, as well, and it all  has specifically initially started because I had strongly, rightfully objected to anyone in the province of BC being kicked of social welfare, even if they are alcoholics, drug users… I still do rightfully and loudly  object to anyone being kicked of social welfare even in BC or elsewhere and this is still never acceptable. They all Civil and public servants, politicians, need to be regularly supervised too. That is why we need and have the auditors, News media, Opposition parties, concerned citizens to do this too.. and it still generally is not enough as we can see.
TWO OF MY PAST NEIGHBORS, MANAGERS,  WHO WORKED FOR CITY HALL OPENLY BOASTED TO ME, AND DEMONSTRATED TO ME FOR YEARS THE COMMON CORRUPTION IN THE LOCAL CITY HALL, DONE BY THEM AND MANY OF THEIR COLLEAGUES. This included their unnecessary out of town trips, their taking stuff, computer accessories,  home from the office for their own personal use, boasted of  their lavish expense accounts, of their doing personal work at the office, and much more. Why did they think that me a tax payer would approve any of such wrong doings was their error. I reported their wrong doings rightfully rather. OTHER MANAGERS OF CROWN CORORATIONS HAD ALSO OFTEN BOASTED TO ME OF THEM DOING SIMILAR THEFTS  AS WELL..
Now we had elected the new Conservatives , a new government and a leader that was supposed to be much better, different from all the so called past bad governments. A government that would be reliable, , it will be open, transparent, accountable, better managed, honest, and it would keep it’s pre-election  promises,  would not lie to us too, And next was that so in reality? NO!!! Unacceptable
The fish stinks from the head but many cut the tail of first..  Reducing, cutting of the programs to the poor and needy persons for  that seems how the governments wrongfully still do wrongfully  respond to budget cut backs,  defecits, and to the poor and needy people too now, rather than dealing still firstly with the major crooks, tax payer’s money abusers too in the government and elsewhere… 
Patrick Brazeau must have thought he had hit the jackpot last December when Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed him to the Senate. The young native leader (he is just 34) could conceivably draw a Senate salary (currently $130,000) for four decades. But with the appointment came a raft of unwanted publicity, including stories about: a charge of sexual harassment against him; questionable expense claims by the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, of which he was national chief; drinking in the office; his flashy lifestyle, including a Porsche SUV; and, this week, his occasional failure to make child-support payments. In his first Senate speech this week, Brazeau said the media stories prove he has “powerful enemies” in the “native establishment.” Maybe so. Still, one wonders whether Brazeau was the most exemplary native leader Harper could have named to the Senate. Perhaps Harper was impressed by the fact that Brazeau is a card-carrying Conservative and sided with the government against the “native establishment” in the trashing of the 2005 Kelowna accord. It would not be the first time that Harper allowed partisanship to cloud his judgment. Nor is it likely to be the last.
How many people in reality even in the civil, public services governments now  have been arrested all together  for tax evasions and tax payers money abuse now last year? How many? Anyone care to answer the question?
And speaking of the related  federal review as well, who are the high spenders last year in the federal government.. who ate at the best restaurants, traveled the most at the tax payers restaurants.. who were the drunks now too..  Politicians, and civil and public servants now included too..  (Luke 6:43 KJV)  For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Even in our governments, history tends to repeat itself, including thefts, waste and mismanagement, deficits, and they tend not to rather get better and why?
There are also plenty of places to try to save the tax payer’s money but starting to save the tax payer’s money at the expense of the poor people and their welfare programs is not the best  way to do this, not at all the way to do it!   The governments firstly should though clearly manage better it’s civil and public servants.. and the capital expenditures. Why? Well I do also know from real  experiences that it is also the services to the poor and needy persons, those who can afford it the least, that are wrongfully cut to make up for the past budget mismanagement by Ministers, managers of the civil and public servants too in Canada’s Provinces, Municipalities too. Rather than cutting back on the governmental aid, programs to  the poor and needy persons even next  because of the government’s own unacceptable past mismanagement we all do now too need to really take another continual look at how effective our tax dollars are always all of being used by the civil and public servants, and their managers, politicians now too. Cutting back on the Corporate welfare also is what the government still does also needs to deal with and not cutting firstly the Social welfare. The Corporations got what Billions  in social welfare from the tax payers? and we do not have money for the poor people? or for proper medical care, or for proper Justice, police, consumer protection  too? It never surprises me anymore when the superiors, Managers even  at City hall as well can also still  find money for new furniture, more staff, larger personal expense accounts but cannot find  the money to help the ordinary, poor and needy people during the good and bad times now too. Unacceptable.
The past “Sponsorship manager suffered from alcoholism, inquiry told   Jim Brown Canadian Press   October 19, 2004   OTTAWA — The role of a key player in the federal sponsorship program has been called into question with the disclosure that he suffered from alcoholism.  Pierre Tremblay served as chief of staff to former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano in the early years of the program. He later moved to the civil service where he took charge of bureaucratic operations related to sponsorship projects.  But colleague Isabelle Roy confirmed at a public inquiry Tuesday that, through it all, Tremblay had a serious drinking problem and often couldn’t function after lunch. ” and how many more are there unacceptably like him still, alcoholics  in the government, MP’s Cabinet Ministers, managers, civil and public servants too?
By now you too should have found out too the New Conservatives are mostly just as disgusting as the bad Liberals they had replaced..

How many times have we now experienced he fact that the selected leaders, cabinet was not like what they had promised they would be, certainly now not like we had expected them rightfully to be as well? Clearly many many  Canadians are still often now really angry at, or disappointed with   the results of the various governments acts,    the selected candidates,  but  now when will we all deal with the root  issue that is the cause of the problems firstly and it is the immoral type of candidates being firstly nominated?  the liars and alcoholics mostly it seems.. and these type of brain damaged people will never do us much good even now as well. 

We all need to care about the unemployed and the poor people, Elected officials now included. It also  seems even  the governments and it’s managers are too often rather still just for sale to the highest bidder… and it doesn’t care who they are involved with or what they are up to or what it looks like as long as they are rewarding themselves or  their friends, and thus they wrongfully and too tend  not too  really look after all of the good ordinary citizens welfare..  this is still never acceptable. They all Civil and public servants, politicians, need to be regularly supervised too. That is why we need and have the auditors, News media, Opposition parties, concerned citizens to do this too.. and it still generally is not enough as we can see.
The fish stinks from the head but many cut the tail of first..  That seems how the governments wrongfully does  respond to money and the poor people too now rather than firstly with the major crooks, the real tax abusers too.. 
” Only they would that we should remember the poor; the same which I also was forward to do.(Galatians 2:10 KJV)  ”
It should be very clear to the honest New Testament Bible scholars that the Church of the New Testament was seriously concerned about the poor persons in their midst and helped them, and so should we all as well today.,, but many Evangelical churches in Canada wrongfully also still do not..
Making all of the poor people, social welfare recipients, those who can afford it the least, to pay for the sins of others is an immoral and  criminal act still. 
Furthermore here are thee, 3 things I know for sure in Canada the last 35 years
– It is not the poor people who have  mismanaged the majority of the tax payer’s money… but they do pay for it the most, those who can afford it the least
– if the public and civil servants had better managed the tax payer’s money there still would not  have been likely more money for the poor people cause the rich people would still try to steal it for themselves. I have met even covetous, greedy middle class and rich persons now too.
Thirdly  if all persons paid their taxes, and did not commit tax evasions, an ongoing major unacceptable sin that still do needs to be prosecuted there would be plenty of money for the poor people  assuming it could get to them without being stolen, intercepted again.
Even in my local evangelical church the pastor is also now was wrongfully  being  paid too an astronomical price for his poor services, his poor neglect of the poor people too, and I rightfully also do not agree with this  and say so as well. Jesus himself and the Apostles did not have a fixed salary nor a high paying one
(Isa 10:1 KJV)  Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; 2  To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless! 3  And what will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory? 4  Without me they shall bow down under the prisoners, and they shall fall under the slain. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still. 
(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
“It’s hard to imagine how such a thoroughly damaged resumé could’ve survived the supposedly ruthless scrutiny of the Prime Minister’s Office, particularly when the job is a 40-year guaranteed Senate gig with an annual salary of $130,000 plus perks.But the allegations, investigations and accusations against newly-appointed aboriginal Senator Patrick Brazeau, 34, are piling up in such a frenzy that it’s quickly put the unelected Senate under a negative light, and must surely embarrass Canada’s other six native senatorial representatives.  

Consider the growing list of Brazeau indiscretions conveniently overlooked by the PMO, but unearthed by reporters in fairly short order.

Brazeau had to be arm-twisted to give up his six-figure job as chief of the Congress of Aboriginal People, lest it be seen as double-dipping on the taxpayers’ tab.

That Conservative-cheerleading organization is still under investigation by Health Canada for its use or misuse of $260,000 in public funds including $16,050 in suspect payments to Brazeau or his sidekicks.

The man described in his bio as a loving father of three is darn close to qualifying to be a deadbeat dad with the mother of one offspring telling CTV that Brazeau hasn’t seen or properly supported his 14-year-old son in eight years.

Brazeau’s been seen tooling around Parliament Hill in a new Porsche SUV, has hired Ottawa staff who were reportedly hitting the sauce hard during work hours at his former congress job and is still fending off refuted allegations of sexual harassment at a human rights tribunal.

If this is the calibre of individual Stephen Harper had in mind when he set out to reform the Senate, well, it’s enough to make you yearn for those days when they filled the place with backroom bagmen.

It’s clear that Patrick Brazeau should’ve been kept a senator-in-waiting a bit longer to clear his name — or save taxpayers from a bad appointment. ”

Now add to the known fact as revealed by the news reporters too that the newly hired 2 subordinates and Brazeau himself are known alcoholics on the job, who often drank alcohol  at lunch time. No politicians, senator, civil and public servants  should even be allowed to consume alcohol during normal working hours, especially at anytime at taxpayer’s expense too. Brazeau he said he brought in a policy of no alcohol on the premises after a complaint that some Congress officials had been drinking in the office. Try no alcohol period even lunch time…  Brazeau also had indicated after his Senate appointment that he wanted to remain national chief of the Congress while sitting in Parliament, in effect collecting two six-figure salaries.  He later relented and stepped down from the chief’s post, acknowledging there could be a “perceived conflict of interest” if he kept that job while serving in the Senate.
Drinking alcohol cause permanent brain damage, it also causes a significant deterioration of one’s mental capabilities, deterioration of one’s inter personal relationship skills, it also causes more car accidents than speeding or not having adequate winter tires, it also reduces significantly one’s work productivity as well undeniably too.  So  tell us all now:
– How much money did the Prime Minister, the Premiers themselves now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year,
– How Much money did the federal, provincial cabinet ministers now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year
– How much money did the civil and public servants now spend on Alcoholic consumption entertainment last year
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2009 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: I would like to know
Thanks for your email, as I can’t answer for all the rest I can tell you that I have spent not one penny of the publics money on alcohol.
With regards
Ron R. Schuler, MLA

I trust you all can readily supply us all with the answers. 

PS: As you also know the foundling pastors of the Calgary Alberta Bible Church Rev Aberhardt included had left their founding Christian church to go into politics and next  the same Calgary Bible church  mostly died, and a plaque at the Calgary Eaton’s center testifies to this too. The goal of Pastors becoming successful  in politics  was the great initiative, incentive for the many of next Alberta evangelical pastors to repeat this. Thus now  we continue to have  the professing Christian Evangelicals Stephen Harper, Stockwell day, Preston Manning who  are clearly also really all three hirelings that had now gone into   politics as well.  It is clear that Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, and even Stephen Harper, who do now also clearly do follow the false doctrine of the old testament Baalim, (  the Baalim was represented as false pagan gods , and the cult associated with idolatry.) for they to me still, all three  really,  are now evidentiary prostitutes, hirelings, false prophets who wrongfully are encouraging and also abusing many of the very ignorant Christians to rebel against the established positive government management principles  rather solely for their own leadership, political personal gains.. and none of these persons for me are really Christians.. they all three, the tree stooges, they are also false Christians clearly like Paul Martin and Jean Chretien were as well, who had also unacceptably lied to us all too when they said they were real Christians.  

This 2009 federal budget by Stephen Harper does a huge disservice to Canadians, conservative and otherwise, who will now be saddled with massive deficits and an ineffective “stimulus” plan based not on sound economics but pork-barrel politics. 

Over on the Conservative side, the presentation of a survival budget written in red ink prompts diehard Conservatives to reminisce about the so-called golden days of the Reform/Canadian Alliance. Some of them even compare their government to a horse that can no longer run and suggest it should be summarily shot.

“You’re travelling through a Canadian political dimension, a dimension of minority governments and cynical ambitions, a dimension where Stephen Harper, a one-time socialism-hating conservative ideologue transforms himself into a free-spending, deficit-creating, big-government-loving Liberal.” 

 Canadian conservatives should not be too surprised by Harper’s spend-happy budget. After all, the Harper Tories sold their ideological soul a long time ago. In fact, they never were a truly conservative party. 
BC courts are just as tough, Opal says Globe and Mail – VICTORIA – Following a spate of gang- or drug-related shootings in the last week, Attorney General Wally Opal released a report Monday intended to show BC’s courts aren’t to blame for violent crime.
Hey I have said it before, the RCMP doing their best is not enough.. it would help matters seriously if the mostly white  pretentious RCMP spoke another language other then English.. the PR oriented RCMP too is always asking the public for help in doing their own paid jobs.

Mike Zafirovski,  Chief Executive of the near Bankrupt BELL’S Nortel Networks Corp (NT.TO) NT.N,  has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of personal travel on company jet since joining the company in 2005.  And   who    else?



 It seems that 70 percent of the adults drink alcohol in Canada too but 100  percent of them claim to be non alcoholics? civil and public servants included, and where do all of the many drunk  drivers, alcoholics  come from now too? For the civil and public servants all you have to do is look at their expenses accounts, see how much they charged us for booze and that will quickly show us all whether they really are alcoholics or not for a start.  Few alcoholics will admit they are alcoholics just as few persons will admit they practice tax evasion as well. Drunk drivers still cause most of the car accidents but the police prefer to go after speeding tickets, it is easier to to get the speeders.. and very profitable, sadly it also ties up our courts with the mostly unnecessary cases too. If you drink 2 martinis at lunch time or supper time  for a start  you are definitely an alcoholic.. and you should be immiedately fired from your job, even if you are an MP, Senator, or an MPP, MLA, a cop , civil and public servant. So rightfully do Fire all the drunks, alcoholics, tax payer money abusers in the government firstly too. Seriously in the selection of the new   political candidates for federal and provincial elections, and senator snow  it would be nice also if each of the political party does also asks their people how often do they visit the bars and drink? how many martini’s they do have at lunch time?  do they eat at very expensive restaurants too? do they entertain their friends on their companies, departmental  expense accounts? or  have they ever padded, falsified their own  expenses accounts” all  too just for a start.. and do they lie to others too often too? Many elected persons still do it seems and they will even give themselves next a big raise..   


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