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February 2, 2009

Canada’s 2009 Federal Budget approved

 Many Albertans are not happy with it.. Many federal relief dollars fail to reach their intended targets

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Politicians say give them what they want, after all they will pay for it.

So what is the real difference between  a Liberal and a Conservative these days?

who drinks more booze or  who lies more?

Conservatives abandon election promises with new budget

This fderal budget does a huge disservice to Canadians, conservative and otherwise, who will now be saddled with massive deficits and an ineffective “stimulus” plan based not on sound economics but pork-barrel politics.  The federal budget is poised to win approval in principle Tuesday despite mounting anxiety among Liberals about propping up Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government. Ignatieff said the Liberals had no intention of withdrawing support for the budget, despite a growing backlash within their ranks. The Harper government’s budget will not only create the first massive deficit in a dozen years but may set the stage for Ottawa to spill red ink for a decade or more, a new analysis suggests. And given that the budget makes no provision for a more severe recession or a more modest recovery, a second slump, or any additional government spending or tax cuts for the next half-decade,  it’s reasonable to expect Ottawa could remain in deficit beyond 2020. Ottawa may be creating a structural deficit that will last even after the economy recovers. In the three years in office, the Conservatives have exceed the budget spending target in each year. From a conservative perspective, the current Canadian budget offers the worst of all worlds: negligible tax reductions, tremendous spending hikes and massive deficits. It is a recipe for economic misery, as far removed from the conservative worldview as possible. They might do some symbolic things to make the base happy, on crime or culture perhaps, but for all intents and purposes, this is no longer a conservative government 

Many Albertans realizing Mr. Harper has already had three electoral kicks at the can, Conservatives are starting to contemplate alternatives. Useless Jim Prentice, Peter MacKay, Jason Kenney, Rob Nicholson,   are the names most frequently mentioned. There is also a former leader of the federal Tories who is still at large in Quebec. His name is Jean Charest. But is he interested? No.

Newfoundland MPs said they believe their leader and colleagues understand the intense pressure they’re under to oppose the budget from the province’s popular premier, Danny Williams.   says the change reduces related payments under the 1985 Atlantic Accord, which determines the province’s share of offshore oil revenues. He says Newfoundland will lose $1.5 billion in offset payments and another $80 million in health care transfers. the province has been unfairly penalized, unlike Nova Scotia and Manitoba for whom the federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, has agreed to cushion the blow from the equalization changes. Liberal MPs Scott Andrews, Siobhan Coady, Judy Foote and Scott Simms said they’ll break party ranks and vote against the budget on Tuesday if the document isn’t changed. The Liberals are limp-along losers with a $6-million total that barely beats the New Democrats. No public cash, no national Liberal party and no way to fight an election anytime soon. The priority preoccupation with money by the main political parties is clear from their internal staffing. More than half the Liberal party’s listed 50 employees are devoted to financial pursuits.

The Conservatives apparently have a similar percentage of their 50-odd staff fixated on chasing money, but the party’s communications director refused to disclose those details about the publicly-financed party.

First we need still a full  review of the waste, fraud, and abuse that has plagued governmental. efforts. What is also needed is a program to remove public officials from office that take our money and spend it on their own false pet projects while many of our people still are not getting the help that they need.
Federal Deficit , economic, job creation and capital expenditure programs… are still untrustworthy. Being a past  senior civil, mechanical , projects engineer, project manager myself here now are   the major problem I righty still do had with capital expenditure projects even under PM Jean Chretien and never   mind next under PM Stephen Harper firstly: and it is  is that when you give do monies for a specific capital expenditure projects to the Provinces, Municipalities as well, and just like in many of the non profit organizations now too, a significant portion of the money firstly never even gets to the intended sources but it is diverted elsewhere.. Diverted to: such as paying for existing deficits, debts, unprofitable civil and public services, departments, Crown Corporations too, ineffective overheads, unrelated operating costs  in the provincial , municipal departments. Now since all that happens even before it hits the supposedly private sectors we need to address that too. Now next as to the supposedly private sectors and related projects expenditures , totally honest and fair governmental competition bids still tends not to exists. So no one can make me into a believer that this all of this taxpayer’s money will solely go all into a valid job creation program spurring on the general economy. The existing projects, capital expenditure safeguards are still just not totally there, not the related transparency, accountably as well.. even even you try to use an ex retired, RCMP officer as a supervisor in the contracts, purchasing department, for by now we all should now who immoral, untrustworthy even the RCMP now are too in fact. Some of the money will likely be used even out of the country for a selected few persons rather too.. Are many of the  civil servants, politicians still taking their holidays overseas at tax payers expenses? There are still much too many abusive and questionable expenses: All still Unacceptable too.
Not just in Canada now there is increasing evidence even in the US, elsewhere that states like California and Michigan,   are running huge budget deficits, do need federal aid to keep their essential and non essential services operating. They would plummet an already battered federal budget billions of dollars further into a non positive deficit.  We all do need to face the negative  fact of what our own political, corporate leaders are doing this to our country too. Still it  all  also does  mean that no one can predict beforehand with certainty  which industries and municipalities will get the needed designated federal capital.
Also the too common  practice of  putting many local workers out of work or paying them less wages by sending the higher paying jobs offshore has a devastating impact on the rest of the World, not to mention the local economy. We also still do need to have the True Unemployment Numbers.
What is also needed is a program to remove public officials from office that take our money and spend it on their pet projects while many of our people still are not getting the help that they need.
” At last count, there were at least 785 criminal cases under investigation by the Hurricane Katrina Task Force, a joint effort of 19 federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Postal Service, the Defense Department and even the Environmental Protection Agency. State prosecutors in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are similarly swamped. And scores more cases wait in the wings.”

And do see also   Citizens Against Government Waste

The federal budget is an “all-out assault” on Newfoundland and Labrador and an attempt to punish Premier Danny Williams, which is why six Liberal MPs from the province voted against it, says Liberal MP Gerry Byrne. Byrne, the MP for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, and five of his provincial colleagues voted against the Conservative budget Tuesday, charging that it robs the province of about $1.6 billion in federal funding. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Tuesday he would grant the MPs a “one-time vote of protest” to express their displeasure with the document.  The budget passed by a vote of 211 to 91.


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