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January 27, 2009

Canadian Federal Budget 2009


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Ignatieff demands change from Harper on four key issues Globe and Mail – June 15, 2009  Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff today demanded that Prime Minister Stephen Harper negotiate with him on four key issues or he will try to take down the Conservative minority government Friday in a confidence vote. Possible Canadian federal election in 2009 over the budget.

FACTBOX-Canada opposition’s demands of minority government Reuters
 Harper, Ignatieff reach deal to avert summer election  OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have reached a deal to avert an election – at least until the fall.


It has been confirmed to all of us that  the New Conservatives in Ottawa were very jealous in the past, present that Liberal supporters in the past used to get the main share of the federal pork, after all money is what the greed is always about too, so today they do not mind giving the pork now to the Conservative supporters,  and  they make no pretence about their past hypocritical promises to be different in morality, normality, behavior from the other political parties. Predictably too, “Stephen Harper recently dispatched his faithful MPs across the land to bury Conservative ridings in taxpayers’ money and self-congratulatory press releases for an estimated 500 funding announcements in one week. Welcome aboard the Steve’s pork-barrel express, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in federal largesse to Conservative voters near you. Blaming the global economic crisis for an uncontrollable urge to spend other people’s money, the same Conservative party that once condemned the Liberals in the past  for porking their way into the sponsorship scandal is now whole-hog in the trough. It is ok if the conservatives do it but not the liberals? A study by the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation showed that in the three months leading up to last September’s election call, Harper, his ministers and MPs took turns announcing a wallet-shaking $19.2 billion of goodies. ” And what other past electorate promises will the mostly Conservative liars continue to break too now? while the mostly still useless Liberals can look at it in envy too

It will take very much more, a lot more  than just the Conservative federal pork barreling to hopefully turn around the Canadian West, the mostly still one horse towns,  which which do not have any manufacturing bases too, and so they are heading towards, facing some of the deepest recession in Canada even for at least a decade next too. You cannot hope to survive on farming, Tourism alone.

The Conservative bigoted juggernaut of Stephen Harper had definitely become decidedly very creepy even  alienating many federal voters. In the recent coalition  wars of January 2009. Canada’s prime Minister Harper had as much as kissed the majority Quebecers goodbye, falsely permanently now alienating them all too, dismissing them all as mainly unwinnable separatists. It was a pre calculated move on Harper’s too common divide and conquer approach, with an special  emphasis on sibling rivalry. Harper thus was, is playing the tune to the majority of his ignorant  supporters in the the west who love to hear it, a tune the Western Canadians and hopefully some Anglophones in Ontario as well  may love  to hear, the tune that Quebec is a favorite son that got too much and offers too little in return, and likely this new Harper re-distribution and demographic changes will help to  destroy Quebec’s predictable stranglehold over the national elections. Totally false and totally unrealistic, a desperation move on HARPER’S part. In reality even Ontario still also has a strong francophone base now as well. But how many more  friends can he Harper afford to alienate now? Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and who next?  and realistically still hope to have majority government?  Harper has continually failed to achieve his  majority federal government and so with this approach he insures he likely never will.

Can anyone really believe now  that the voters were seriously really dumb enough to  put the very  clear loser like Stephen Harper into office? The People get this the bad government they deserve? I certainly, certainly  hope not!


Most of what you’d expect came out in the 2009 spring Canadian Federal Budget speech. The  important question is still  whether there’s enough in the document to satisfy the Liberals and new leader Michael Ignatieff, who will make the decision on Wednesday about whether to pull the plug on the minority Harper Tories and join a coalition of the NDP and the Bloc, or hold out for another election or let the Conservatives to rule for a while longer? and why? Highlights from today’s federal budget:
-The government will run a deficit of $85 Billion over the next five years. It will be $34 Billion this year and $30 Billion in 2010.
-The basic personal tax exemption and the two lowest tax rates will be increased.  The new rate is $10,320, up from $9,600. The lowest tax bracket is now $40,726, while the second limit goes to over $81,000. 
-There is a new tax credit for home renovations. You can get up to $1,350 for projects done in the next year. It includes kitchens and basements, but does not include furniture or electronic purchases.
-There is a $750 tax incentive for first time homeowners. As well, you can now withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP.  The withdrawl will still pay tax free if repaid within 15 years.
-The government is also spending $12 Billion on infrastructure programs over the next two years.  $7 Billion of that is new money.
-The government is spending $1 billion dollars for worker retraining over two years through the employment insurance system.
-Employment Insurance benefits are extended by five weeks.
-There’s cash to increase apprenticeships and retraining for older workers.-Business tax cuts worth $2 Billion over the next five years.
-The Age Credit for seniors is increased resulting in a tax saving of about $150 for low and middle income seniors.
-The working income tax benefit for low-income Canadians is increased.
-There is a raise in the phase out levels for the national child benefit and Canada child tax credit.

” As Heritage Minister James Moore promised, the new Conservative budget does provide for increased arts funding, but does not include boosts to either the CBC or the Canada Council for the Arts. There is also little for performing arts organizations, other than festivals, to get excited about.

What will be provided, according to the official budget document, is the following:

  • Targeted two-year funding of $60 million to support infrastructure-related costs for local and community cultural and heritage institutions, such as local theatres, libraries and small museums.
  • Increasing funding by $20 million over the next two years, and $13 million per year thereafter, to the National Arts Training Contribution Program.
  • $30 million over the next two years to support continued access to Canadian magazines and community newspapers.
  • $28.6 million over the next two years to the Canada New Media Fund, and $14.3 million annually thereafter.
  • $200 to the Canadian Television Fund over the next two years.
  • $100 million over two years for marquee festivals and events that promote tourism.

Already, the folks at have begun calling on Michael Ignatieff to defeat the Conservatives, stating: “while it [the budget] does include arts and culture funding it manages to do so without actually helping any artists.”   “

“Amid the fine print in Budget 2009 is a temporary 100% capital cost allowance for computers bought after January 27, 2009 and before February 1, 2011.  So, what does this mean for you?  If you’re self employed or own a business, you can write-off the entire cost of your computer and the software.  And there’s no limit attached to the computer cost or the amount you buy.  This may be especially good news for medium and large companies that have been waiting to upgrade their networks.  The catch is that you have 2 years to take advantage of this – and that’s basically the average life span of the devices anyway.  Ottawa projects this plan will cost the treasury $340 million this year, $365 million in 2010-2011.  However, this type of stimulus will end up helping other countries’ economies (Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Apple etc. aren’t really Canadian, are they?) but federal officials say this will spur retail sales and keep jobs, and that’s important.   Prior to this initaitive, Ottawa allowed for a 55% write-off.  “

Danny Williams calls on Liberals to defeat federal government on the budget Tue Jan 27, 9:40 PM  ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Premier Danny Williams is calling on the federal Liberals to help defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government after Ottawa implemented equalization changes in the budget that he says will “cripple” his province’s economy.Williams claimed that the budget will cost Newfoundland and Labrador $1.5 billion over the next three years in payments under the 1985 Atlantic Accord. “It’s a good indication of the punitive, vindictive, nasty side of this prime minister,” Williams said.”We’re only seven seats, so he probably feels he can do that and he gets some personal satisfaction out of it. But the one thing about this is that I’ll be around to see the back of his head in politics before this is over.”

Two N.L. Liberals say they’ll break party ranks, oppose budget if necessary

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland Liberal MP says he will break party ranks and vote against the federal budget if necessary, the second party member to do so.Scott Andrews, who represents the riding of Avalon, told a radio station today he is prepared to go against his party and oppose the budget if it doesn’t protect $1.5 billion that the province is entitled to. Andrews says his colleagues in the rest of the country don’t understand how important the issue is to Newfoundland and Labrador.Premier Danny Williams has called on the six Liberal MPs from his province to vote against the budget, saying it will sap $1.5 billion away from the province in funds from the 1985 Atlantic Accord.While the province no longer receives equalization, it continues to receive money in that offshore energy agreement with Ottawa.Judy Foote, member for Random-Burin-St. George’s, has also said she will vote against the budget if it doesn’t protect the Atlantic Accord money.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s total turnaround from cautious fiscal conservatism to profligate government spender and deficit creator has surely betrayed fiscally conservative voters who elected Conservative MPs based on their public pledges at that time that “our economy is sound” and “we will never run a deficit”. One can only reasonably conclude that to hang on to power in Ottawa, Harper and also next his MPs have betrayed every fiscal Conservative  principle they had once claimed  that their party holds dear, sacred. Harper’s main  opposition these days seems to be the c Conservatives members themselves.


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