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January 6, 2009

PM Stephen Harper the Pretender

Clearly a Loser Stephen Harper the unprofessional, the addicted gambler, so whatever happens next  will mainly be a direct result of Stephen Harper’s arrogance, blind partisanship, poor judgment calls.
Canada’s Stephen Harper Conservatives lost parliament’s confidence and to avoid defeat, prorogued the house when action was desperately needed on the economy. Toward the end of January, he will return with a budget full of goodies Canadians will pay for with our tax dollars in an attempt to bribe enough opposition members to allow his government’s survival. If he fails, we will either have a coalition government or another unnecessary election, wasting both time and money. 

 “It seems there is no conservative principle that Stephen Harper isn’t willing to sacrifice.  The conservatives promised a more transparent government, but have run the most closed, hidden government in Canada’s history.  The conservatives promised to decentralize power from the Prime Minister’s Office, but we all know how that turned out.  Harper is the Minister of Everything; rarely allowing fellow caucus members to choose how much sugar to put in their Timmies.Harper promised not to tax income trusts, but taxed them as soon as he won power.  Harper promised to reform the senate, but decided instead to appoint 18 cronies.  Harper decided to run a more open selection process for judges to the Supreme Court of Canada, but decided to appoint his hand-picked candidate when the process started taking longer than he anticipated. There doesn’t seem to be a single principle that Harper isn’t willing to sacrifice.  Everyone should remember this when it comes time to vote.  Don’t trust what your local conservative candidate tells you, because what you’re going to get is whatever Harper thinks is the flavour of the month”
The outbreak of listeriosis   killed 20 Canadians last year. It is in ours and in the GOVERNMENTS interests, after all, to ensure that no similar tragedies occur under ALL of  their watch. . On Sept. 3, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had announced that there would be “an arm’s-length investigation to make sure we get to the bottom, on the government side, on the bureaucratic side, of exactly what transpired” in the fatal outbreak of bacteria in Maple Leaf Foods luncheon meats, “and to make sure as we go forward and we make changes to our system that this kind of thing can’t happen again.” Specifically on Sept. 6, the day before the election was called, Mr. Harper announced the terms of reference – including a reporting deadline of March 15, 2009. That deadline may have been a little ambitious, since an investigation of complex regulations and their enforcement could take longer than a few months. But yet now the same federal government does not appear to be making an effort to meet it – or to treat the matter with any degree of urgency. Even Four months later, and nearly two-thirds of the way through its self-imposed time-frame, it is now still being reported that the government has not yet even named a lead investigator. At this rate, it unlikely that the investigation will even be completed this year. Stephen Harper’s government’s apparent failure to launch an investigation it promised early last fall raises the unsettling thought that its pledge was made largely to prevent the issue from jeopardizing its prospects in the election campaign. There is no plausible justification for this delay. Parliament need not be sitting for the government to appoint investigators; it requires no legislation.   If Mr. Harper was comfortable appointing 18 senators while Parliament is prorogued, he should have no qualms about naming someone to help protect.   With the exception of the controversy surrounding some ill-advised jokes made by Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, the listeriosis outbreak played little role in the fall campaign. Canadians did not have much reason to believe the Conservatives bore responsibility for it, and were led to believe the government took the matter seriously. ALL Canadians should now feel differently knowing that  the issue would not be attended to promptly once the federal lection campaign was over. Once again Stephen Harper THE PRETENDER does not keep his promises.

The Canadian Conservative Party Headquarters asks it supporters to write, phone news editors, TV and radio stations to tell them that they do support the too often now bullying, immoral acts of the prime minister Stephen Harper.. but foolishly for them that is a war they cannot win for 60 percent of the citizens did not support, vote for the Conservative Party in the last federal election as well.. and they are not about to change their views on this still too.
“Since Harper was elected as Prime Minister he has failed miserably. He has probably destroyed every good thing that Canada’s former Prime Ministers have done to make Canada a good place to live in. 

All the money Paul Martin had put aside is gone because Harper went and spent it all. Maybe we need an inquiry into where the money went.

Harper has repeatedly lied about changes he promised to make, such as tougher penalties for sex offenders. Well, guess what? There are about 1,200 or more sex offenders that are not registered under the National Sex Offender Registry and are running around free as birds.

Then, Harper refused to see the truth about Canada heading into a recession. Hey Harper, instead of spending billions of dollars on your stupid wars, why don’t you help the Canadian economy or help college and university students pay their tuition.

I am really disappointed that Michaelle Jean would allow Stephen Harper to remain Prime Minister when Canada is in a crisis. The coalition has Canada’s best interests in mind more than Harper does.”.. Sarah Connell Wiarton

“Leadership? Strong voice in Ottawa?  Not to spoil Mr. Phil McColeman’s extended winter vacation, but I believe that writer Andrew Hunter raises a solid point in his recent letter which was titled: “MP’s mail out proves he’s just being muzzled.” A friend of mine once said if McColeman couldn’t possibly get things done under the control-freak Stephen Harper, he should not have promised “leadership” or a “strong voice in Ottawa” during his electoral campaign and on his website.

During the past election, former prime minister Jean Chretien stated that “if (former prime minister Pierre) Trudeau had treated him the way Harper treats his ministers, I would have resigned.”

That boils down to the classic dichotomy of our MP being clueless or dishonest.

Mr. McColeman has fulfilled the negative and unfortunate stereotype of politicians who will say anything to get elected. This is very lamentable, considering rising antipathy in voters and the fact that our riding has been fortunate to have had classy and consistent MPs such as Lloyd St. Amand, Jane Stewart and Derek Blackburn. ” Jorge Gomez


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