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December 29, 2008

I admit it

I have to admit I am surprised as to how many persons have not seen from the start what a bad person, unacceptable one, an unacceptable bully Stephen Harper really is. Surely they cannot all be that dumb, inexperienced? 

Hey he is just classical psychology study now of sibling rivalry, abuse  and If you notice the   warning signs in a person  over a period of time, the potential for increased unacceptable physical  violence by them next also exists:
Even verbal abuse left unchecked, unrestrained next tends to escalate and leads to real, unacceptable physical abuses.
Resolving the Conflicts requires still : Admitting, recognizing the stress issue. Effectively dealing with the issue in a positive manner… For the matters left on their own to be resolved   tend to get worse and not better and so far they have.. 

When you recognize these unacceptable future increased violence warning signs in someone else deal with it.   Hoping that someone else will deal with the situation is still false way out.

Be safe. Don’t spend time alone with people who show any of these warning signs and  remove the person from the situation that’s setting them off.

The most important thing to remember is don’t go it alone. Expose the matter to others as well.

a history of aggressive, abnormal, offensive behavior
serious drug or alcohol abuse
gang membership or strong desire to be accepted by the gang, to be in a gang
threatening others regularly
trouble controlling feelings like anger
withdrawal from good friends and from the normal, usual, acceptable  activities
visibly feeling rejected or alone
having been a victim of bullying, or now being a bully themselves
poor school or job performance
history of discipline problems or frequent run-ins with authority
feeling constantly disrespected
failing to acknowledge the feelings  rights of others

or failing to acknowledge  the abuse of others

access to or fascination with weapons, especially guns


I have openly, rightfully only been complaining to all as to how really bad the RCMP now is the last 25 years, Quarter of a century
“William Elliott, a civilian and consummate government insider, succeeded Zaccardelli in mid-2007 with a mandate to revamp the force for a new century.  Just over a year ago, a federal task force on the RCMP called for major changes to the structure, independence and oversight of the Mounties. Toronto lawyer David Brown, who led the review, said the RCMP was hopelessly tangled in bureaucracy and required more authority to manage its own staff and budget.  Drawing on feedback from more than 2,000 Mounties, task force members were struck by employees’ steadfast pride and dedication. But they also saw disillusionment and anger stemming from shortages of people and equipment, sheer overwork, and health and safety problems.  The Brown task force report, Rebuilding the Trust, made dozens of recommendations on everything from recruitment and performance evaluations to public relations and ethics to address the “deep and fundamental” problems.  It said the RCMP needed a civilian board of management to oversee organization and administration of the RCMP, and a refurbished complaints watchdog with more teeth. Elliott embraced the message. “Let me be clear,” he said. “There is simply no other option. The RCMP must change.” A five-member council plucked from outside the force to help guide the overall transformation of the RCMP applauded progress in a November report, but added “a great deal remains to be done.” Despite the emphasis on the future, ghosts of controversies past continued to haunt the force in 2008.  The Mounties closed the books on a probe into damaging leaks that tarred Arar’s reputation without laying charges.  A federal inquiry into the imprisonment of three other Arab-Canadian men jailed abroad found RCMP information-sharing likely contributed to their torture.  And questions persisted about the October 2007 case of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, who died after he was repeatedly Tasered and pinned to the floor by RCMP officers at Vancouver International Airport. A British Columbia inquiry into the stun guns and the circumstances of Dziekanski’s death resumes in the new year.  An amateur video of the incident contradicted an RCMP assertion that he remained combative after first being zapped with the Taser.”

Cheap talk, RCMP spins, More mere PR, all  is still not acceptable.. fire the whole RCMP force and replace it with a decent one. Everyone by now should know the Mounties are cost infective, too often mostly pretentious, useless.



Top 10 recommendations to RCMP

 The report of the Task Force on Governance and Cultural Change in the RCMP, chaired by Mr. David Brown, a Toronto lawyer, are widely believed may one day be remembered as the document that falsely saved the Mounties from extinction. Following are the top 10 recommendations:

  • Give RCMP separated employer status, with full authority to manage its financial and human resources affairs.
  • Create an independent Board of Management responsible for stewardship and administration of the organization.
  • Create a new, independent Commission for Complaints and Oversight of the RCMP.
  • Increase financial resources to the force so it can fulfill its contract and federal policing responsibilities.
  • Launch an efficiency study to improve job specialization and performance.
  • No more voluntary overtime; members must be compensated for overtime work.
  • Implement a national back-up policy to lower risks for members.
  • Implement a new internal discipline system that is less adversarial and more timely.
  • RCMP should pay cadets during their training to increase recruit quality.
  • Implement compulsory performance reviews for all members and replace existing promotion system with one based on performance, knowledge and skill.     


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