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December 24, 2008

The Canadian Political Christmas message

Conservative PM Stepehen Harper has been warned clearly against use of hardball tactics in Parliament . The Coalition had really rightfully unnerved, scared Conservative Stephen Harper and he has not been the same since, he is been running scared, doing things in desperation.. Harper he is not the leader of a democratic elected party cause he did not get 51 percent of the seats firstly.. he is a bully, dictator appointed by a bad  Governor General.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has issued a warning to Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he won’t tolerate the misuse of confidence votes or hardball parliamentary tactics when MPs return next month to decide the government’s fate.  Mr. Ignatieff had asked Mr. Harper  to instruct Conservative House Leader Jay Hill to try to remove ill will by meeting with Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale. “The ways in which he makes everything a confidence motion is, in our view, unacceptable,” Mr. Ignatieff said.  “He took the wrong signal from the election. The signal he took was that he could try anything he wanted to   and he can’t keep making these misjudgments of the mood of the House and hope to survive.” Mr. Harper has not given him an answer on whether Mr. Hill and Mr. Goodale will get together in the new year, but he said Mr. Harper needs to let parliamentary committees do their job.  “He has been told in no uncertain terms there’s a problem of confidence that isn’t just constitutional, but a question of personal relations across the House,” Mr. Ignatieff said.
Mr. Ignatieff, installed as Liberal Leader earlier this month, expressed pessimism that the Harper government would unveil a budget in January that his party could support. ”  I’m not optimistic that the government will come up with a budget that meets Canada’s needs,” Mr. Ignatieff said.
Ironically, one of the biggest promises Harper has kept — cutting the GST — has been criticized by economists for eroding government revenues and putting the country on course for a deficit.” and PM Stephen Harper became known for one step forward and two steps backwards through out his PM leadership.”
Leftists, socialist,  “Liberal parties have a view that the country needs compassionate, centrist government and, in tough times, Canadians look to government to protect the most vulnerable.” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff
Hey I learned long time ago that merely telling the truth to some people will not work, they have their false idols, false lies they still want to handle, especialy even Conservatives now too, and they will take the Ostrich approach to the truth, but hopefully the truth will next still help some people.
Harper’s own recent appointment of senators indicates clearly still that Harper  cannot be trusted to work with the opposition parties as a minority government. Harper had once sold himself to Canadians as a different kind of politician, one who’d refrain from using patronage appointments to the Senate. A man who could be trusted to keep that and other promises.. Instead, Harper has fast become the kind of governing politician he once professed to abhor — one who routinely breaks his word.  “Other examples include the $300-million fall election call, which broke Harper’s promise to stick to his own fixed election law and failed to deliver the majority he’d gambled on; Harper also reneged on his pledge not to impose new taxes on income trusts and his vow to exclude nonrenewable natural resources like oil and natural gas from the equalization formula — a decision critics say has cost Saskatchewan $800 million a year. All Canadians saw again now was  yet another prime minister rewarding mostly partisan party loyalists with a plum $130,000-a-year job and lavish perks.

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