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December 22, 2008

PM Stephen Harper again

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Harper continues to break many of his promises and as usual the conservative  national post and Alberta  again covers it all up, accepts it falsely.. for they clearly are just as bad as him.

Harper Canada’s political “patronage king” and liar, hypocrite has been invoking a long term war, campaign, and he has systematically hired, placed in the government key Conservative party supporters, organizers paid for by the Canadian taxpayers and RIGHTFULLY they must be all fired, removed, or at least take away all work from them and give them an empty desk, and you can ALSO  rightfully start with Preston Manning now as well. Pigging out, living high on the hog, or patronistic hiring practices, getting drunk  are clearly an unacceptable abuse.  He has declared to the Canadian public that he would not name unelected people to the Senate. … His word means less and less every day he’s in office, and he’s behaving more and more like the Liberals,” NDP Leader Jack Layton said of Harper. Stephen Harper once said he had no plans to stack the Senate with unelected representatives, suggesting it was “a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the prime minister.” Next when he’s actually a prime minister, he’s done exactly what he said he wouldn’t do. Harper continues to lacks integrity too and thus patronage and croneyism continues to rule to this day in Canadian politics and taxpayers are still the big losers. Conservative supporters  go along with Harper’s lies again too.   The Harper cabinet unleashes flood of patronage . Conservative appointments to courts, boards, quasi-judicial tribunals and Crown corporations… It also further fuelled opposition claims that the prime minister has abandoned election promises of transparency and merit-based public-service and judicial appointments.

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