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December 19, 2008

Suspend Him

Clearly useless  Stephen Harper should step down as prime minister of Canada especially if he cannot  reach an accord with other federal leaders,  The Canadian economy lost a much greater than feared 71,000 jobs in November, the worst monthly loss in more than a quarter century, and a taste of what’s to come .. “With today’s dismal employment reports, there is no doubt that the Canadian economy is in recession and the U.S. contraction is accelerating,” said BMO Capital Markets chief economist Sherry Cooper.  The news underscores the view that the recession that began a year ago is going to be “long and drawn out,” she said, noting that there were major upward revisions to previous months’ job losses as well.

Using the  time-honoured way of Canadian western conservative governments , they continue to declare war on the East and democracy in Canada. And instead of  keeping their past  promises to become the more decent parties, the Federal Tories and their bad leader clearly  now learned how to lie big, how to slander the others.. “They use the “big lie” technique: make the distortion big enough and inevitably some of it will stick.” lies like the  Liberals, the NDP and the evil Coalition have become the villains.” The socialist, Left, separatist menace now immediately has miraculously re-appeared in Canada . Where any,  all of the ”  “Communist” and “socialist” have been the standard fare of political vilification on this continent for more than 50 years. They now have acquired an aura of instant evil. It’s socialistic. End argument” .The word “socialist” is misconstrued by the Tories and  takes on a new negative meaning… a meaning equivalent to being a communist.. But irrationally and Hypocritical the Tories seem Cleary not to mind providing social welfare to big business still, the Banks, the Corporations, telecommunication firms, and automotive makers,themselves The Liberals and the others have become the socialists, the nation-wreckers for getting into bed with the separatists,  in spite of the Conservatives doing much the same only a short time ago. After all, we all had elected a Conservative government, didn’t we? The fact that the Conservatives only  got a second-in-a-row minority win and that more than 60 per cent of the Canadians had voted against them has somehow become next a convincing Conservative win. We are also being told we were going to have a coalition government of socialists and separatists, which we all had specifically voted against? Such big lies still show to us all what the Conservatives wrongfully  are really like still too.  
“Stephen Harper used bullying tactics and it did not work. Harper seems to have believed that he could have his way because the opposition parties would be too afraid to risk another election. He did not anticipate that he could lose, nor that this could be accomplished without an election. So he turned around and played the victim, as if the naughty opposition parties had ganged up on him. Things went over the edge when he provided a covert recording of an NDP conference call. This is just a step away from Watergate, and will earn him no respect back home. Harper was the aggressor. Canadians may not want another election, but they are not blind to the person responsible for causing this situation in the first place. ”  ”  In November 71,000 Canadians lost their jobs. For those families, their economic heart has stopped. Rather than do anything to prevent fatal economic heart-attacks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s team was busy wiretapping his opposition. He suspended Parliament to avoid Parliament. The Prime Minister’s economic plan was to, “invest in the stock market.”    ”

 And some dumb people want to associate the Tory  leader and the Tories as a supposedly Christian evangelical person? They are really the fools rather. They are not fooling the rest of the wise persons, and  the greatest   great ray of sunshine in the past weeks of real political upheaval is that at last, Canadians are getting to see what sort of a Prime Minister we really have.” A bully, pervert, a liar and a fool for a start.

“The Governor General Appeased Harper – Now She Must Suspend Him 
Date Posted: 12/18/08

Under Article V of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, she has the powers to “upon sufficient cause to him appearing, to remove from his office, or to suspend from the exercise of the same.” There is sufficient cause to remove and suspend Stephen Harper. Under Article VI of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, there is a provision not only to dissolve, and prorogue Parliament but also summon. The time has come to remove and suspend Harper, and to Summon Parliament.

Governor General Michaelle Jean erred in permitting the dissolution of parliament when outstanding unresolved accusations against Harper existed. Prior to the calling of the 2008 election, the Conservative Party, under Stephen Harper, was being investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics, Access to Information and Privacy, for violation of the Elections Act, in the 2006 election.

The Chief Electoral Officer appeared before the Committee and stated that the practice, which was described as an “in-and out” funding scheme, was in violation of the Elections Act. During the 2006 Election, the Conservatives appeared to be exceeding the spending limit at the Federal level.

To circumvent this Federal limit, the Conservative administration transferred funds into 65 ridings where it was anticipated that the candidate would not arrive at the allotted riding spending limit. These funds were recorded in the candidates’ income, returned to the Federal party to be spent at the national level, but the expenses were recorded not at the national level, but as a local expense which was contrary to the Election Act.

It was the assigning of national expenses at the Federal level at the riding level that was in violation of the Act. When the Parliamentary Committee was investigating this practice, the candidates were going to be required to appear before the Parliamentary Committee. The Conservative Party administration, under the guidance of Stephen Harper, indicated to the candidates in 65 ridings that they did not have to appear before the Committee. When 27 subpoenas were issued, only three appeared before the Committee.

While the Committee was attempting to fully address the inquiry, Stephen Harper stepped down and asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call and election, which she did.

An election should never have been called while there was still an investigation into fraudulent practices in the previous election.

As a result of the election being called, the Parliamentary Committee was dissolved. The Governor General erred at this time.

The governor general erred in proroging parliament. Through permitting the prorogation of Parliament, set a dangerous precedent in allowing a Prime Minister when facing an imminent non-confidence vote, to be permitted to evade a vote that was destined to pass. She also failed to acknowledge that there was a credible coalition of opposition parties, representing over 60% of the Electorate that was willing to govern.

There is sufficent cause to remove and suspend Stephen Harper. Under Article V of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, there is the following provision:

  • And We do further authorize and empower Our Governor General, so far as We lawfully may, upon sufficient cause to him appearing, to remove from his office, or to suspend from the exercise of the same, any person exercising any office within Canada, under or by virtue of any Commission or Warrant granted, or which may be granted, by Us in Our name or under Our authority.

There has been “sufficient cause” to remove Stephen Harper from office and suspend him from exercising his powers. Apart from the outstanding accusations of fraudulent election funding practices, there have been numerous cases where Stephen Harper, by failing to acknowledge the will of the majority of members of Parliament, has almost irreversibly damage Canada’s international reputation related to human rights, and the environment.


Hey I admit it I hate crooks, the bad guys

– I dislike the bad cops and Bad RCMP in Canada
– I dislke all bad Professionals, bad civil and public servants and their too often poor managers now too
– I really dislike Bad Politicians, especialy ex PM Paul Martin, Stephen Harper
– I dislke rightfully bad Pastors, and all alcoholics now too
– I have always disliked bad, crooked computer dealers too..
– I really also dislke Bell Canada rightfully as well and the CRTC..

The first biggest unacceptable bad culprits still who need to be fired ASAP are those rather toothless, pretentious, federal and provincial consumer Ministers and their mostly bad subordinates. Healthy Competition was supposedly a good way to decreases the prices and increase the services, but instead we get price fixings, unfair and restrictive trade practices.. which still all reminds me of the bad immoral Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper trying to murder all of the opposition out of existence too.. for he himself is no better as a leader, example of ethics, morality too.

PS: A little over three weeks ago, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stood up in the House of Commons and predicted a budget surplus, albeit a small one, for the next two years.  He announced no significant spending measures to stimulate the failing economy; in fact, he said his government would reduce expenditures by $4.3 billion with “effective management of government spending.”  He has now moved so far off these positions that his credibility is subject to serious challenge.  There was going to be no major financial stimulus. That will now apparently reach into the area of $15 billion-$25 billion.  Flaherty has worn out his welcome.


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