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December 17, 2008

the mostly big liars, the Conservative leaders and supporters,

The Immoral persons, the liars, clearly the  western Conservative voters, supporters  now falsely accusing the ‘eastern elites’ of ‘stealing their vote’ by threatening to topple Mr. Harper’s government, not only truly show who they are but they also still do lie by  falsely even  suggesting  that only Conservative votes count, which clearly always isn’t the case in a clear minority parliament.

It is abundantly clearly that the ostrich federal Conservatives supporters, which seems to mainly come from a minority part of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba too, they too clearly   like their leaders are themselves now also big liars, even when they falsely lie and charge that there is a false attempt at subversion of their democratically elected conservative government and leaders. Firstly all Canadians clearly have elected solely minority parliaments in the last three elections because there is no majority consensus in the country around a particular political program, agenda, party. FOR THEY ALL FALSELY SEEM TO BE SELF SERVING CLEARLY TOO AND NOT SERVING THE  CITIZENS GOOD WELFARE .

Also all Canadians never do now do not elect directly any prime minister as well. All Canadians vote solely for a local representative in Parliament; and it is still  only the voters in a Calgary riding  who even do see our present prime minister Stephen Harper’s name on a ballot. The Governor-General, as the Queen’s representative in Canada, next invites the leader of the party with the most representatives elected to form a government. If that party does not hold the majority of seats in Parliament, it must still earn the confidence of at least enough other majority forming parliamentarians to allow any house bills to pass in House of Commons. At any point where the main government cannot do this, then parliamentary business cannot be done. The Governor-General, who is obliged to make sure Parliament does work, so it also may ask another party or group of parties to form the government, or dissolve Parliament and an election is held. In a case where Canadians have only recently elected a Parliament, it is next this very reasonable for the GG to offer the opportunity to govern to another party which can demonstrate the confidence of a majority of parliamentarians. Even if the Conservatives do not like to admit this truth or like this act.

Secondly the lying Conservatives wrongfully it seems still do not want to face the negative realties, they do not want to admit it was clearly the undeniable  immoral acts of their own proud, unrepentant,  lying still  still Conservative leader Stephen Harper that caused the big,  main  problem  now too of a coalition government proposition. alternative.

Healthy opposition parties are absolutely essential to democracy. Whether or not they are effective in opposition should not depend on whether they can fundraise from private interests, a prospect which is much more difficult for opposition parties than the governing party for obvious reasons,” the governing party’s influence peddling and patronistic hiring included.

Also the same lying no good Conservatives clearly do  lie about another important issue that  of the public financing of political parties which as been legitimately and democratically  necessitated because of the past undeniable  tarnished image of all of the  past political parties,  the result of a long tradition,  of the political parties being unduly influenced by private financing and patronage the lying Conservatives now have characterized this falsely as private vested interests illegitimately dipping into the public purse. Which was not the case.

All as simple as that too.

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