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December 16, 2008

But first..

We are still getting the  free all talk, just cheap  talk, but  no real, concrete, positive actions on the matter.
We all do hear warnings, we see signs of the impending doom, recession, falling economy….  but first our watchdogs, our taxpayer’s paid federal and provincial ministers, politicians, civil and public servants in Canada, will all first wait for a long time  to do something good about it, and  they will also go for their Christmas holidays first too, even while many people will be laid off before Christmas..

It is time we first all  started to lay off our bad politicians, civil and public servants. Especially all of their partronistic hiring..


OTTAWA – An occasional look at the Dec. 4 proroguing of Parliament, by the numbers:Number of days until Parliament resumes: 40

Number of days the 40th Parliament of Canada sat: 12

Canadian jobs lost in November 2008, according Statistics Canada: 70,600

Number of months since 1982 where job losses in Canada were worse: 0

Number of jobs at stake if Canada’s auto sector allowed to die, according to Ontario Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant: 580,000

Lowest possible federal funds rate after the U.S. Federal Reserve decision Dec. 16 to introduce a “range” rather than a fixed percentage: 0

Number of times in history the rate has been that low: 0

Number of senators Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to appoint before Christmas: 18

Close of the S&P/TSX composite index Nov. 18, the first day of the 40th Parliament: 8,835.73

Close of the TSX Dec. 4, the day Parliament was prorogued: 8,057.82

Percentage decline: 8.8 per cent

Salary earned by Members of Parliament between Dec. 4 and Jan. 26: $22,114.90

Salary earned during the same period by Prime Minister Stephen Harper: $44,229.80

Salary earned during the same period by Opposition Leader Stephane Dion: $32,702.45

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