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December 11, 2008

It is still Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is undemocratic


The Coalition had really rightfully unnerved, scared Conservative Stephen Harper and he has not been the same since, he is been running scared, doing things in desperation.. Harper he is not the leader of a democratic elected party cause he did not get 51 percent of the seats firstly.. he is a bully, dictator appointed by a bad  Governor General.
Incompetent, pretentious Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper maintains that his minority governments right to CONTINUE existence is about the fundamental principle of democracy.. the liar has forgotten wrongfully the citizens rights to accountability, specially how the prime Minister Stephen Harper has been wasting, basing the taxpayer’s money on his unholy wars against the opposition parties, and now our parliament has been  become ineffective and falsely shut down even by the PM Stephen Harper as a direct result too.. in a real democracy he would have been fired, removed from office immediately too… and his bad party removed forever too.

(Est 7:10 KJV)  So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.

” The tale of our prime minister, the cowardly bully.   The bully elbows another kid in the head, but instead of taking the abuse, the kid fights back. The scrap is stopped by the teacher. The bully lies, saying it’s the other kid’s fault. The teacher ducks responsibility and reprimands them both. The bully wins and the good kid learns that it’s easier to take abuse than to stand up for what is right. In the recent government crisis, Stephen Harper threw the first elbow and the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois stood up and fought back. Harper started it and he deserves to be punished. Zero tolerance for bullies in my Canada.
Fact No. 1: Harper’s Conservatives failed to win a majority mandate.
Fact No. 2: The opposition, duly elected by Canadians, are in the majority.
Fact No. 3: In order for a minority government to do the country’s business and pass legislation, they must co-operate with the majority opposition.
Fact No. 4: If the minority government fails to co-operate and is defeated, we have an election or the Governor General asks the opposition to form a government.
This is the no-spin reality. The Conservatives are duty bound to govern this country in co-operation with the opposition. Instead of upholding this solemn trust, Harper dared the opposition to force another election by introducing right-wing measures that would undermine them — and the country. He proposed to eliminate subsidy support for political parties and the right to strike for public-sector workers.  Worst of all, in a worldwide crisis, he failed to introduce economic stimulus that the G20 are insisting on. A majority of Canadian voters — 62 per cent — voted for the opposition. The opposition are the majority. If you were in their position, what would you do? Would you bow down to a proposal that would weaken party democracy, worker’s rights, and the entire economy? Would you throw the country into another indecisive, expensive election? Or would you be brave, throw partisan divisions aside, and co-operate with other opposition members to band together and get the work done? Here’s the scene. The cowardly bully not only blocks the path, he demands that three students humiliate themselves by eating their homework — while the whole school watches.  To everyone’s surprise, the three band together and threaten to take him down. The bully, true to his cowardly nature, runs home to his mama (the Governor General) and begs to stay home. He then continues his abusive reign by spreading lies about that awful “gang of three.” We do not tolerate this in schools and we cannot tolerate it from the prime minister of Canada. My research indicates that Harper is a self-righteous, untrusting loner who demands control and obedience by manipulation, force — and screaming profanity.. “the prime minister rules by fear.”  This is abuse. It is abuse in a marriage, in the workplace, or in the schoolyard.  Harper is the tyrannical father of the Canadian national family and we are the victims. We must snap out of our denial and stop enabling this bully.  As in all abusive families, the future of our children is at stake.”

Canadians have twice voted to award Stephen Harper a minority government. It is clearly still Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself who is undemocratic when he tries to run his government as a majority government, when he is an minority government and when he lies. Opposition,  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff pointed to Harper’s decision to abruptly shut down Parliament against the will of its members. “I don’t take lessons in legitimacy from Stephen Harper,” Ignatieff said . “I don’t take lessons in legitimacy from someone who lost the confidence of the House and seems to misunderstand the co-operation that minority Parliament requires.”  Harper should refrain from attacking opponents that he needs to work with in order to remain in power.  Harper is wrongfully gambling that Canadians are not ready for an unstable coalition government or another election. So his budget has to pass his way.  The Prime Minister’s   hilarious suggestion that “I’m not there to play political games” is more indication of what a big liar he still is.  

Opposition,  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff     rightfully  warned Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper  that the Conservatives will be defeated if the Prime Minister doesn’t shelve partisan attacks or if he fails to compromise on the budget. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  also had said he’d be willing to meet with the Prime Minister. “I made it clear I don’t want to get into secret negotiations or backdoor deals,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “I’m there to listen to the Prime Minister because he’s the Prime Minister of Canada. And then we’ll decide what we have to do from there.” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff   maintained that the coalition option is still viable while also criticizing the Prime Minister for raising national tensions in a fall economic statement that, among other things, proposed to remove voter subsidies from political parties. “I am prepared to vote non-confidence in this government. And I am prepared to enter into a coalition government with our partners if that is what the Governor-General asks me to do,” Mr. Ignatieff said.  “But I also made it clear to the caucus this morning that no party can have the confidence of the country if it decides to vote now against a budget it hasn’t even read.” Mr. Ignatieff told his caucus he was committed to the coalition but also wanted to make sure that Liberals take care of Canadians’ concerns about their jobs.  Mr. Ignatieff took a standoffish approach to meeting Mr. Harper, first suggesting he has no plans to negotiate with the Prime Minister, but ultimately leaving the door open. “I think that after having lost the confidence of the House, after having triggered a national crisis, after having raised tensions between groups in Canada, it’s not up to me to reach out a hand. It’s more up to the Prime Minister,” he said.  “But I want to add something: I’m a responsible elected official, and I want to do the best for my country. I will do all that I can to get my country out of this crisis.” He also called the Prime Minister’s earlier actions “divisive, spiteful and unproductive.” Mr. Ignatieff warned Mr. Harper not to run a negative ad campaign, as the Tories did when Mr. Dion was elected party leader two years ago. “It would seem to me … a very, very serious mistake to engage in partisan attacks against a party leader at this moment. I hope I make myself clear,” he said.  “We’re in the middle of a parliamentary crisis. It’s not conducive to engage in partisan political attacks against me or any other member of the House of Commons. Look where it’s got him.” Mr. Ignatieff said he believes the recent crisis, and the Prime Minister’s strong attack on the Bloc Québécois may have opened the door for the Liberals in Quebec.   “I am convinced that after last week, we have become the credible federalist option in Quebec. Mr. Harper has lost a lot of credibility with Quebec voters in recent weeks, and recent months,” he said.

Newly appointed interim Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said he had a “short” and “businesslike” conversation with Stephen Harper on Wednesday night, adding he would be willing to meet with the prime minister ahead of next month’s federal budget being tabled. “I’ve made it clear to the caucus and to the country that if Mr. Harper has put us in this situation, he’s lost the confidence of the House of Commons, and it’s up to him to find a way to regain that confidence, and we’ve seen no evidence that he can or will,” Ignatieff said Ignatieff also said it is “essential” that the government “comes clean” with its budget estimates, so Canadians can understand the true picture of the country’s fiscal position in the wake of the global economic crisis.  “I don’t want to torque up the rhetoric here, but the prime minister, I think, has a problem with truthfulness,” he said.  “During the election campaign, he said, you know, no deficit. During the election campaign, he said no recession. Now we’ve got both a recession and a deficit. It’s time to level. It’s time to talk turkey together.” “I think it’s right for me to listen,” Ignatieff said.  “I think the Canadian people are sending us all a message that it’s time for us to listen. Mr. Harper didn’t listen to the opposition, he lost the confidence of the House of Commons, he’s unable to govern without the confidence of the House of Commons, so it’s time that he sat down.” However, he added, “I haven’t seen him do much listening so it will be interesting to see if he starts now.” The East and the left wants Mr. Harper out of office and rightly so. We know that he would have unleashed shock capitalism on Canada had the Canadian people been foolish enough to give him a majority. We all know that self motivated, greedy shock capitalism wants to beat up on the poor, the vulnerable, trade unionists, and academics.    The difference between left and right is that the left are more humane and more motivated by moral principle. Just because Left wing conspiracies fit with Harper and many of his supporters world view do not make them real. The right, Conservatives, Harper  have clearly  lost it and sound  ridiculous. They should really list to what they are trying to say to others, it would be an eye opener now for them as well. 

“I think what Canadians want us to do is to have a budget at the end of January that protects the most vulnerable in our society,” Ignatieff said.

Dreamer, loser Harper wants still to run to on his real platform:

– remove all opposition

– reinstate the death penalty

– abolish the CBC, all anti conservative news media

– end equalization

– sentence children as adults

– end bilingualism

– cut of funding to the poor people, seniors and only to support the rich..

Items that have already rightfully made Harper a clear despicable loser in the east, amongst the left too

On Thursday Prime Minister Stephen Harper convinced Governor- General Michaelle Jean that he could keep his job as prime minister by perouging Parliament until Jan. 26, 2009. On Friday the national news headlines screamed that 71,000 Canadians – three times the expected number – lost their jobs in November. Is there any wonder there is a growing chorus demanding Prime Minister Harper to step aside?  The PM and his Conservative cohorts then added to the uproar by chastising the Bloc Quebecois support for the Liberal-NDP coalition, claiming “Canadian governments don’t do business with separatists”. That distorted Conservative mantra was echoed by almost every Tory MP, wrongfully insulting millions of Quebecers who vote . Unrealistic Albertans are so out of touch with Quebecers who can out vote  the Albertans anytime they want too. Like it or not, the Bloc Quebecois message resonates with many Quebecers, who rejected the Liberals and Conservatives just six weeks ago. These elected MPs have every right to sit in the House of Commons and oppose the Conservatives. The PM never complained when the Bloc supported his government in previous votes; nor did Harper mind wooing the “separatist vote” as an opposition leader trying to wrestle power from Paul Martin’s Liberals. Harper’s missteps and hypocrisy do not deserve support. He should step down as Conservative leader and PM.

“The shift in valid political thinking has moved west just like the economy of the nation.  The Liberals in the Canada, East, Quebec, Ontario are a rump of hardened socialists,  leftists  and out of touch”? Rather in reality the Albertans have been  looking at their own navels too long time clearly need to look up and face the reality,that  they are and will always be   minority Canadians. Plus the western Conservatives they add slander to the equation by calling someone a ‘leftard’ or a conspiracists  as if that is adding credence to their point. By doing so they show to all  not personally truly Canadian, but rather still retards themselves. True Canadians have opinions, but they do also respect someone else’s rights, values, even if they are from Quebec, the east..  Conspiracy!!!   Useless Harper spent his first term falsely pointing fingers at the Libs for all the problems in government, and he’s still pointing fingers.  But when is this man going to be honest now and full accountiable, responsible for his own actions??? Majority of the Canadians want real, honest leadership right now. The economic situation is getting worse by the day in this state, and this is what the PM had to say.  Each one of the  Conservative buffoons should start by being responsible for their clear visible ignorance, stupidity, starting even with Harper. Harper has  been really irresponsible since Harper has been  in charge, and the bad things  are all  happening on his watch, he firstly should be dealing and cleaning up his own mess.  Period. Conservatives should ask themselves if Harper’s bully tactics and lack of cooperation with the opposition, who hold the majority of the seats, is really in the party’s best interest. Harper should resign and the Conservatives can start the new session, like the Liberals, with a new leader. Now what has Harper done to deserve our support? If the Conservative leader is so entrenched that he cannot put aside his ideological and personal differences to work for all Canadians, he does not deserve to be PM.

Get rid of those no good Conservatives again now, like you did with Brian Mulroney before.
Due to the fallen oil prices too the Bank of Canada already warns of possible mass home foreclosures if conditions worsen  The Bank of Canada is warning of severe economic turmoil, including the risk of many Canadians, Westerners  losing their homes, if the financial-market crisis worsens. It already happened in the mid 80’s in Alberta, when in major cities about 1/8 of the homes went into foreclosure, and Banks, Lenders even suffered heavily as a result.
 Reality today is that  besides cheap words, more likely broken promises, useless   Canada’s  pretentious Ostrich Conservative Finance Minister  Flaherty still presently offers no viable, real, effective solutions to help the thousands already laid off, and Canada’s present economic meltdown, the people also who will lose their homes due to foreclosures too.
Who will replace Stephen Harper? With a critical vote in January, whispers are turning to open conversation among Conservatives about who will replace Stephen Harper if the Prime Minister falls.


Here is a look at the proposed candidates.

Jim Prentice , A pretender, Showed clear indifference to citizens ,consumers, disliked by many for allowing internet capping

Stockwell Day, Another pretender, proven loser too,  Showed indifference to citizens ,consumers, unable to manage the bad RCMP

Peter MacKay, Another loser, even his girl friend dumped him, for the liberals too, seems to like to drink too much..

Tony Clement , Another imposter, pretender now too, has not done much visible good  lately while in office

James Moore , A definite loser who wrongfully thinks he is hot, abuses others like his bad Boss Harper

Mostly losers still are being proposed.. Now Get real!

Most of us can remember when the new Conservatives first ran for the federal government they had said elect us, because will will be different, we will be moral, honest, transparent, responsible, accountable,  we will not be like the other bad parties.. too bad it was really all mere words, mirrors and  smokescreens, lies.. because we seem to  find out the hard way these things never happened and the new Conservatives put plenty of  their Conservatives friends into good governmental jobs too, especially even in a time of recession. such big liars and hypocrites. Keep all of their names and fire the whole bunch.

Slew of patronage appointments made after economic statement  OTTAWA – The Harper government approved 25 appointments to federal pension tribunals and employment insurance boards a day after it tabled an economic statement that nearly led to its defeat in the House of Commons.  Government records show the appointments, all to agencies that are used as traditional patronage rewards for party faithful, went through cabinet on Friday, Nov. 28, as opposition outrage over the Conservative plan began building.  At least two of the appointments appear to have gone to known Conservatives – one to a party member who lost a Nova Scotia nomination for the October federal election and another to an Ottawa resident the NDP identifies as a well-known Conservative from New Brunswick.  A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper denies the government rushed the postings through because it feared it would be toppled in a confidence vote the Liberals had already threatened for the following Monday.  “These were not rushed in any way,” said Kory Teaneck, Harper’s director of communications.  Teaneck also rejected suggestions from opposition MPs that the round of appointments was a last-minute measure to ensure Conservatives who were in line for rewards received them before the government was ousted.  “We make appointments on the basis of merit,” said Teaneck. “Involvement in the Conservative party is clearly not a requirement for appointees, nor does it prevent one from being considered.”  One of the Canada Pension Plan tribunal posts appears to have gone to Gilles Robichaud of South Ohio, Nova Scotia, who lost the party’s election nomination for West Nova riding to a former Conservative finance minister for the province who went on to defeat Liberal Robert Thibault.  A New Democrat MP from New Brunswick, Yvon Godin, said another appointee, John Hazen of Ottawa, was a well-known Conservative in Bathurst, N.B.  Godin said there’s little doubt Harper rushed the appointments through because he feared his government was about to be toppled.  “It looks like it,” he said, adding the latest round of appointments contradicts Harper’s 2006 election campaign pledge to open up the government appointment system to scrutiny by MPs with more competitions for federal positions.  He compared it to Harper’s recent announcement he intends to quickly fill the 18 vacancies in the Senate with appointments, rather than waiting for passage of a law that would allow citizen plebiscites to guide his Senate nominations.  “They should post the jobs and allow the public to compete for them,” said Godin.

A Conservative loser is still a big loser!

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