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December 3, 2008

Another real bad Conservative Brian Mulroney




“CBC- A 1993 fax from Air Canada’s manager of investor relations to Fred Doucet, a close friend of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, Fred Doucet, former chief of staff for Brian Mulroney, calls into question Doucet’s sworn testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee in February of this year.

“I want to say I have no knowledge at all about anything involving Airbus,” Doucet told the committee under oath on Feb. 12, 2008.

However, a CBC News investigation has learned that on the same day Mulroney received his first envelope of cash from German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber at a hotel in Mirabel airport, Doucet, who had arranged the meeting between the two men, received a fax from Air Canada outlining the delivery schedule of Airbus airplanes to Air Canada.

The Aug. 27, 1993, fax from Air Canada’s manager of investor relations, Denis Biro, itemized the delivery of 34 Airbus planes between 1990 and 1993.

That was important to Doucet because he was interested in determining how much money was left in the secret 1988 deal between Airbus Industrie and a Liechtenstein shell company, International Aircraft Leasing, or IAL.

The fax and other documents that Schreiber has provided to CBC News and the upcoming Oliphant Commission looking into aspects of the Airbus affair appear to contradict Doucet’s testimony before the ethics committee.

In fact, letters and correspondence among Schreiber, Doucet, and lobbyist and former Newfoundland premier Frank Moores reveal that Doucet was involved in an in-depth effort to determine how much money was available from the Airbus deal. ”

Few Canadians were fooled about what ex PM Brian Mulroney too was really like..



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