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November 1, 2008

Some people still seem to have it all wrong and why?

Cabinet Ministers too  are here to serve the citizens, and so are the Police..
Now even since I was about 8 years old in Canada I had learned that the Cops were not to be trusted, when my neighbor was a cop,  and I saw firsthand what he was really like.. and decades later that has still been true as well in my unwanted police encounters, RCMP included now … but rightfully now I don’t even trust the pastors, lawyers, realtors, accountants as well..
Now I recently had called the Police in Toronto to report a crime.  The sergeant I assumed at the other end on the phone, by how he treated me, got the wrong mistake that he was my boss, that  I had to do what he said, and he could order me around, and even lecture me , as the police recordings will show.. and we even got into a disagreement where he had said to me that ” the police were not here to serve the citizens” ..  and I reminded him still rightfully   that he was not my boss, nor my superior, nor my doctor, nor my pastor, nor anything else to me, and that I did not call him to get his opinions, advice, to get a lecture, but I had called him to report a crime , and for him next  to get on with taking down the particulars of the crime, such as my name, address etc..  clearly it was something that after 15 minutes of trying to lecture me he had firstly had failed to do. Now  I am an old man, retired now  too, and still it it was, inappropriate and it is too late for Him to  try to lecture or boss me around.

Why are there so many alcoholics also and now  always in denial? and why do they often lie,  cheat, steal also now? Because if they do admit the truth they are alcoholics, sinners too  they do have now to repent of the sin of disobeying God’s word about being drunk too.. so they take the ostrich denial approach instead too often. Alcoholism still is a sin of a deliberate, personal choice, and to be set free you have to admit your sin, confess it, renounce it, ask God for forgiveness through Jesus Christ as well.. It is not only wrong for the average person it is also especially wrong for leaders in the government, politicians.   
Noboody next also has to help them.. they all rightfully should be fired.. so they can next learn to help themselves.. for firstly you cannot help a person , a clear sinner too, who refuses to admit he needs help or even has a problem, helping him it is a waste of time and resources .. do rather see also my many posts on how to deal with control freaks.. abusers..


I really wonder how so many people I talk to , deal with these day have got it all so wrong, what now makes even think that I am their slave, that they are my lord and master, and I have to obey their commands, instructions. Now here also now how  did they   get to very sad state of mind   for certainly it is not in the Canadian charter of rights, not even in the US constitution for that matter. How did they get the wrong impression that I work for them and I now have to listen and to do all that they tell me to do ? How???
Now we here firstly need to look firstly at the meaning of two  words, “Minister”, and “Service.”. while to me these words are clearly simple to understand, their meaning as well.. a Minister is elected to serve the citizens, not himself or his party..  Now the same thing applies to the police they are here to serve the citizens, not themselves their superiors, or the political masters. A Minister also is not our Lord, or Master, and we the  citizens not here to serve him or to serve any other civil or public servants, professionals now as well. Professional Respect also has to be mutual, and it has to be earned, it can be enforced..

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