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October 29, 2008

I agree


McKenna won’t seek leadership of Liberal Party
Globe and Mail – 1 hour ago
OTTAWA — The fire was never really in Frank McKenna’s belly to run for the Liberal Party’s top job and he wasn’t ready to make the time commitment.
Frank McKenna won’t run for Liberal leadership
Justin Trudeau top pick for Liberal leader: poll National Post – Toronto Star – AOL Canada – Kings County Record
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“If you have a pen and paper handy as you read the newspapers or watch the television news, you might be able to keep track of potential candidates for the leadership of the Liberal party of Canada.

The list of those who have refused to rule out bids includes Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, Frank McKenna, John Manley, Ken Dryden, Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall Findlay, Ujjal Dosanjh, David McGuinty (Dalton’s brother), Quebec MPs Martin Cauchon and Denis Coderre, and New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc. If we missed anyone, it’s because we lost our notes.

Justin Trudeau, sensibly, has decided that at 36, and having been an MP for a only few hours, he is not yet ready to run for the leadership.

Eleven people sought the leadership in 2006, with Dion emerging as the winner after going into the convention in fourth place, so it’s still a much-sought position, despite some pundits’ ruminating over the demise of the big red machine.

Some advice for those who are considering running: If you can’t inspire, don’t apply.

Canadians are not looking for a Liberal copy of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, or a more eloquent Stephane Dion — they appear to want someone who can genuinely affect them — such as Barack Obama.

The Democratic candidate for the U. S. presidency isn’t going to be on the ballot, but polls conducted this year suggest Canadians would sure like him to be there. (Canadians liked Bill Clinton, too, better than many Americans did.)

A poll conducted in March by the Canadian Press/Harris Decima showed Obama would have twice the support of his nearest rival — whether he was leading the Liberals or Conservatives. That is star power.

Another poll, conducted at the end of June by the Strategic Council for CTV and the Globe and Mail, also suggested he would be favoured by Conservatives and Liberals.

At the federal level, it has been some time since Canadians have been moved by a leader who can be described as visionary. (Whether one likes to admit it or not, Brian Mulroney had some of that in him. He took a dodgy idea — free trade — and sold it well enough to win a majority government.)

So, upon hearing that Manley, who is a former deputy prime minister and finance minister, is considering entering the race, we urge him to reconsider: he should stay put in the private sector and make oodles of money instead.

Manley is competent, classy and fluently bilingual, but inspirational he is not. If Canadians have to choose between he and Harper, they will yawn and sign on for the status quo, unless Harper dreadfully mismanages the economy before the next election, which is unlikely.

Ditto for Dryden, whose French is suspect, but he won’t tear Canadians away from Harper, even if he is good with day care.

Hall Findlay came last in the previous leadership race, and while she is intelligent and represents genuine change, the inspirational factor is missing.

Dosanjh won his B. C. riding by 22 votes after a recount. He needs to win his own riding by at least two dozen votes if he wants to lead Canada.

In fact, of the other names, only three are likely to inspire — Rae, Ignatieff, and possibly Kennedy.

McKenna would bring the avuncular quality to the position, which might do the trick. (He is said to be unlikely to run, though he is currently deputy chairman of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, which can’t be all that fun at the moment.)

The Liberals need to find someone who will lead them, not just someone who they think can win. The difference is easy to spot — on a scale of one to 10, measure the temptation to reach for the remote control when you see him (or her) on television.”


A charismatic leader is someone who really cares about the good welfare of all the people in Canada equally, French or English, easterner or westerner,  or whatever,  and not another pretender, Christian imposter, Alcoholic, liars, self centered, greedy persons that  we seem to too often have instead..

 A word to any wise Canadian Liberals October 27, 2008 by thenonconformer

Frank McKenna: The critics are raving 

so don’t be stupid NOW again,

and don’t select a Liberal leader who

– is a pretender Christian,

– a liar,

– an alcoholic,

– or one who cannot speak english, never mind read it.

but note above all it has to be one only from Quebec..


for   without the support of the Quebec voters, without a PM from Quebec, you next cannot hope to have a majority government as Harper keeps on finding out.. again and again!

Try Jean Charest..

Frank McKenna: is a great guy, and so are many others, but they are still not from Quebec.

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