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October 23, 2008

False Quebec bashing over Harper the loser

 “I knew would happen, after the corrupt and scandal-plagued Conservatives failed to get a majority because Quebecers were too smart to fall for Harper’s vote-buying bribes and negative advertising, the embittered cynics trot out the letters bashing Quebecers as selfish separatists. In a letter about the interprovincial bridge proposal, David Hooper whined that “the majority of voters in the riding of Gatineau” supported the Bloc Québécois. That’s odd, considering Bloc MP Richard Nadeau received just 29 per cent of the vote. By no measure is this a majority – in fact, more than 70 per cent (a majority) of Gatineau voters supported federalist parties.Besides, voter turnout in Quebec was 61 per cent, and only 29 per cent of Gatineau voters chose the Bloc. That equals less than 18 per cent of the voting population. Let’s use some common sense here. Just because the election might not have gone the way Mr. Hooper and Mr. Clark wanted is no excuse for Quebec-bashing.”Mark Johnson,Nepean

Harper should resign. It is the honourable thing to do. He boxed the party in. They dare not force yet another election, but to avoid one they must compromise with the will of the majority. Harper has given the Liberals time to pick a stronger leader and time to rebuild their war chest. After two minority governments the Conservatives must make changes if they are to win a majority. A new leader is essential. The message from this election is clear. The majority of voters do not want Harper as their prime minister. It is time for him to go.

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper who clearly really does not care about the good welfare of all the citizens of Canada next got his redneck conservative supporters distortions of why he had lost the 2008 federal election and , did not get a majority, need to see that Hamper is the one step forward, two steps backward loser rather and not falsely blame Quebec for  any of this

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