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October 12, 2008

Bell, Telus team up to upgrade networks and why?

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Now about 7 years ago I  was reading the typical Bell spin as to how  about how a top Bell  executive was collecting billions of dollars to do the much needed major upgrade to Bell’s equipment, lines, but next  it never happened, instead Bell’s own  stocks   took a deep plunge next. So excuse me if I stop believing anything Bell says or spins. The once invincible Nortel too seems to have offended to many of the wrong parties and it’s stock  next was last seen headed towards the garbage heap and many wonder if Bell is going that way next too.. Bell has many many unhappy customers because it has not met the customer’s rightfull expecations. Bell still too often offfers poor services at high prices. Look merely  at the Bell Phone bill and you can see that greedy Bell is always looking for an excuse to sock it to the customers with their  nasty extras.   

Bell, Telus team up to upgrade networks  The Gazette  Saturday, October 11 2008  Bell Canada and Telus Communications, two rivals in the wireless business, are teaming up to make their networks faster and more profitable for foreign visitors. The telecom giants will overlay their cellular networks with a technology called high speed packet access (HSPA), the 3G technology used by Rogers Communications. This will allow the firms to offer popular handsets that only work with the GSM mobile standard. Bell and Telus use the incompatible CDMA technology, which is losing favour around the  The new overlay,  allows for faster data transfers and rich multimedia applications…  Both companies will be able to charge roaming fees for data transfers by foreigners, but not for voice calls. This made one analyst wonder why they will invest in the overlay at all. “The number of data roamers is small compared to voice roaming,” said Iain Grant of the Seaboard Group. “It raises the question of why they don’t add voice to profit from the Olympics.” Grant also wondered why Telus would partner with Bell, whose $52-billion buyout may be in jeopardy in the current credit crisis. “They are supposed to be competitors, and when your competitor is weakened, it’s a time to exploit your strength,” he said.

This report made one analyst wonder why they will invest in the overlay at all? This is just a basic cover up, smokescreen for the real fact that Bell’s own telephone line. DSL services are in terrible shape, cannot handle most peak loads.. it is an undeniably a poor, bad  dinosaur system, and is why so many past and present Bell customers have been unhappy and why Bell has been capping their system, modifying users profiles too  

“I was having internet connectivity problems. Big Bad Bell was,  is the sole problem.. the bad Bell technician   came and gone and he refused to look at the stated problem.. another drive by shooting by Bell.. and what he wanted to merely replace another good modem and even charge you Acanac for it too? After the technician left my home, my Acanac system by now which was working  good but instead  I next have had major putty network software error aborts  and shortly  after that it even stopped working period, even the email next.. and why? Clearly the Acanac Modems do not do all of these bad things, but the  pretentious humans persons at Bell do all that. And it is righfully called blackmail, sabotage, false diversions.. So all of the Bell bad services are always still unacceptable still.
The Bell guy, the big complainer,  who came here to my home this morning, he started immediately giving me  really bad attitude problems, he complained about a wrong address, next he said he was allergic to cats and could not come to my home if I had a cat, I do not have any, and next he was looking for false reasons not to do his work clearly. He next  left and did nothing anyway , when I started to ask if he had check the exterior lines, equipment firstly   as promised ,  and when I had also told him I had 9 Bell repairmen in the last year, 9 new modems and the same old Bell periodic problems still too.. for me it was a Bell profiling problem, they keep on making falsely changes on my speed profiles under the guise of Bell DSL improvements.  “
Tell  Bell  stop lying to me.. and to fix my problems now too
Look at the unacceptable lies Bell tells me from one day to another..  for the day before on the Phone they Bell told me admittedly it was a Bell equipment problem that need to be dealt with and next day  by phone they concluded it was the Acanac modem without even seeing firsthand the modem even, too.. the technicians from Bell are so lazy they will wrongfully do, say  anything to stop from doing the required work. Do send them Bell a copy of my rightful complaints now as well. Thank you

   Quebec to end automatic cell phone contract renewals, surprise fees  and what about the Internet services suppliers, who are the same firms doing the same bad things there too to the customers, well?  Just read all of my posts here about bad bad bell..

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The (Bell friendly) CRTC ( immoral) hearings will look at Internet traffic management practices by service providers. Among ISPs testifying are Bell (TSX:BCE), Rogers Communications (TSX:RCI,B), Telus (TSX:T) and Quebecor (TSX:QBR.B)
 The government should first look at the many, undeniable practices of false, misleading practices by persons like Bell selling their ISP services.. if Bell had firstly told the whole truth about their actual capabilities , they Bell would not have had next a major  traffic congestion problem because few people would have initially even  taken their ISP services over cable in fact, for in truth the cable ISP  can even now be more readily, quickly, and  less costly expanded too!!! Bell knew that and so it lied about it’s ISP capabilities to all.. still does as well..
The governments, CRTC, etc,  falsely do allow the corporations to lie because because THEY LIE THEMSELVES AND OFTEN…. who is being lied to when I have posted all these truths facts on the net, to many now too.. it just confirms who the liars now are still  too.
 No matter how the lying weasel spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the truth is still know by many too.
“If you (Bell) were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying,  maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .
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