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September 12, 2008

>> Killing babies (abortion) is a horrific sin that must stop. 

This is a very impressive speech by Sarah Palin to all Americans and thus it really show why it is no surprise now that the Democrats they to falsely abuse her, bash her now.

Sarah Palin and the Deborah Anointing

After 49 million abortions since 1973, America needs a bold, Holy Ghost-filled woman to model pro-life values in the White House.

>> Killing babies (abortion) is a horrific sin that must stop.

whenever I read such one sided, pretentious hypocritical statements being made by any professing Christian now I am clearly reminded that often the very same persons wrongfully tend not to object or preach against marital divorce that God equally hates… 30 percent of professing evangelicals practice divorce, adultery.. thus such real unacceptable hypocrisy here too.  


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s One Step Forward, two backwards continues


 “Conservatives are known for being disrespectful to people who oppose them. I’ve seen it in the House of Commons – the insults come fast and furious.” NDP Leader Jack Layton 

Tory communications director Ryan Sparrow was suspended and forced to apologize Thursday for implying that criticism from the father of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan may have been politically motivated. Sparrow made the suggestion in an email to a CTV journalist after Jim Davis, who lost a son in Afghanistan, called Harper’s surprise pledge to pull Canadian troops out of Afghanistan in 2011 “irresponsible.”  Sparrow’s email to Jenna Fyfe, a producer with the television network, appeared to discount that criticism by noting that Davis was a supporter of Liberal deputy leader Michael Ignatieff.

It was the fourth time in the still-early days of the campaign that Harper has had to deal with gaffes, or climb down from previous positions.

The prime minister issued a rare apology for an offensive ad showing a bird pooping on the Liberal leader. He reversed his opposition to including Green Leader Elizabeth May in the televised debates. And he had to deal with the resignation of a Conservative candidate in Halifax after it became known she had a criminal record.

Canada Votes – Election 2008 Harper hopes this goes by unnoticed
 During the last federal election in 2006, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives accused the Liberal government of treating public money as a “party election fund” and taking part in a “vote-buying” spree thanks to nearly $20 billion in promises. This time around, starting June 2 and running through the months leading up to the campaign kickoff, the Conservative government itself pledged $15 billion.
“We’ve been promised things before.” by Harper and many of his promises were not kept ..

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