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September 7, 2008

Elections Canada 2008

Canada’s new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, one step forward and two steps backwards,  has too often  shown he will do anything to cling to power, he cannot be trusted to keep his promises. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, supposedly weary of waiting for the opposition to bring down his minority government, broke  his own promises of a fixed election date and pulled the election plug himself Sunday to end 31 months of the new Conservative rule.  This move sends Canadians to the polls for the third time in four years. And they likely will return anyway another new minority government but anyway it will be good to see some of the present pretentious, useless federal cabinet Ministers and their associates lose their jobs.. especially all those friends they had hired now and had lying said they would not too.. so what else is new. As you can see by many many internet posts, I for one have dealt with many of them, and they were almost all clearly useless, pretentious, inadequate..  the Conservatives are known to be liars, not just alcoholics? Against the backdrop of a clearly weakening economy, Harper asked Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean to dissolve Canada’s 39th Parliament so that a national vote can be held Oct. 14 — the day after Thanksgiving.

What we all do need to be reminded of what we are not thankful for.. the too often more broken promises by liars for we still seem to elect Liars into office, and I hope we can break this tradition soon! And please do stop electing the clearly pretend Christians now as well for Prime Ministers too.

Canada Votes – Election 2008 Harper hopes this goes by unnoticed
 During the last federal election in 2006, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives accused the Liberal government of treating public money as a “party election fund” and taking part in a “vote-buying” spree thanks to nearly $20 billion in promises. This time around, starting June 2 and running through the months leading up to the campaign kickoff, the Conservative government itself pledged $15 billion.
“We’ve been promised things before.” by Harper and many of his promises were not kept ..

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