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June 11, 2008

Emergency Wards, Hospitals, Health Ministers

The Health Ministers and Hospitals now have come a long way in treating better the causes and preventing the spreading of of the too often fatal shit disease, C- difficile   in Canada but that now it all still is not enough.. and we all are not in the dark ages, in the era of the back death in Europe,  that we all should be so stupid too think that shit diseases, transmitted by unwashed hands after urinating, going to the toilet cannot still kill people.. yes it does.. many such diseases are often spread by hands, door knobs as well as we thus  all should know.. better and more regular hospital cleanings required still at every Hospital in Canada.
Do also still deal with the he still unacceptable  waiting in the local emergency ward(s)..
Isn’t it nice that some things do not change, they are so dependable, such as the inefficient usage of the local Hospital facilities, and medical personnel , staff as well? Wrong! Some things are never acceptable.
So I had to hear all the complaining firsthand from the sick patients about the poor services again too. If the Health Minister was not such a pretender, coward too, now  he would try that himself. And learn a few things. Such as having only one medical  doctor on duty is guarantee way to insure major unacceptable slow down in the emergency department. On top of that as I know first hand and often, the quality of services you get THERE TOO depends on the quality of the doctor himself, and half of them, the clearly really poor ones should be employed for a start elsewhere, and have half of their salary cut as well next rightfully too.
Now from years of experience  already too I do also next a Hospital tour. I walk around the hospitals and observe how many hospital employees I can see talking in a group, or just floor walking, and  how many of the hospital staff are not at their desks, offices, ( you all should try this in governmental offices, especially in city hall now too),  and I had now clearly observed firstly as a result  that this local hospital was not even being utilized to a 50 percent capacity, never mind now 75 percent. Clearly the  bad hospital mangers are responsible for this and there is  now rightfully is a significant room, area for improvement.
My being nice to even one bad person is still a major waste of time, and even to any bad Hospital managers, for too many Hospital managers and bad Hospital employees REALLY STILL do not care at all about the patient’s good welfare, sickness, problems, but only their own GOOD WELFARE. For  all they the staff they seem mainly do care about is keeping their own jobs,  getting a raise, promotion and doing the minimum amount of work possible too, because only the fear of firing can cause any hospital employee to do a better job.  So really now start by firing now all of the the bad Hospital managers, ( also all Bad School mangers, etc..), the bad Health (and education  Ministers) firstly as well.
Now rightfully all of you allso do fix the Emergency room waiting problem  and immediately too.

and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too

Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

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