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June 11, 2008

Bad bad Bell Sympatico

Bell Sympatico complaints
 “If you were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying, maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .
 The future is wireless, some would say  and the  past way they have mismanaged their past land line, ISP services too,  clearly indicates they will do it also next with the wireless services too at the users, customers expenses…
Recent discussions by both Bell and Rogers on their Corporate need  to get more and more money, with even any excuse, still out of consumers, and to throttle the downloads,  only all clearly confirms the reality as to how poorly managed these same companies in reality are still.. They too now have been wrongfully over subsidized by the CRTC, the Canadian  federal governments now too… now it is rather time the citizens got the break, protection.
Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico …the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Paul Kambulow
 Not acceptable, and Comments are not  needed  FOR THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE THE TRUTH..


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 I have openly rightfully shared with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper’s office that Bell Sympatico undeniably is one of the most dirty, immoral, abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada  in my lifetime. One that even falsely   suppressed my complaints against it, my right of free speech as well.
Because Bell Sympatico has UNACCEPTABLY TOO often HAD breached my ISP contractual agreement  and  NEXT Bell Sympatico had forcibly falsely disconnected my ISP service with them too thus next  I have been forced to switch over to the Canadian  -Residential High Speed ADSL without any Limits and  No Blocked Ports or Traffic Shapping, plus Unlimited Downloading 100 GB of Online Storage Up to 5 Mbps Download and 800 Kbps Upload  $18.95 per month  This offer is available on a 1 year term and the first year of service. Call Tel:  1-866-281-3538 ,  1-416-849-8520 On top of that I repeatedly do ask why Bell is now so expensive in comparisons to it’s competitor that uses the same TROUBLED EVEN Bell internet lines..
(   Acanac is an independent subcontractor of Bell so Bell will still cap the bitterest downloads during peak hours, something Bell does not readily advertise to all customers. But Acanac offers a solution to this Forum Index » Common DSL Problems » Official workaround to the Bell throttle: Utorrent  )
I also find it really hypocritical, how basically unfair, totally unacceptable, one sided  too it still is that that Bell Sympatico very loudly still demands full payments for their supposed services from all of their customers, when they Bell Sympatico clearly too often and unacceptably Bell Sympatico  did not meet it contractual obligations to many of it’s customers, even when Bell Sympatico have not only provided a very poor, inadequate, incomplete  services to many of their net customers, but in the process Bell Sympatico had also lied to, and had abused their customers.
It is undeniably also  that rather than initially honestly admitting the truth in Canada that Bell Sympatico lacked their advertised capabilities to provide adequate ISP, actually  high speed internet services. Bell Sympatico when confronted with their failure to deliver the speeds as promsied to it’s cusomers had instead resorted to misleading statements, and lying to too many of the customers. Bell Sympatico  had abused them further by falsely and lying in Canada diverting the blame on the customers own equipment, local connections, and the customer’s operating software as well. And finally when confronted by technical knowledgeable, competent persons with the undeniable proof that Bell Sympatico had been guilty of false, misleading business practices, Bell Sympatico next tries to screw the customers some more by Bell Sympatico trying next to charge them extra monies for the services they Bell Sympatico had promised long time ago to start of with too and had not delivered, their high speed downloads sites and adequate support services now too.. You can readily check your actual downloads speeds at or many other similar sites too . Such witnessed by even me immoral acts, behaviors by Bell Sympatico has never been denied back to me and is never acceptable now still too and Bell needs to be fully regulated by the federal Consumer Affairs Ministers, even confronted, punished appropriately by the justice ministers as well for it’s much too many unacceptable bad, immoral acts too.
Bell Sympatico now even  wants an extra payment of 75 dollars if I do not return ASAP their high speed modem as soon as possible, conveniently forgetting that they themselves had wrongfully had breached my ISP contract, and also that they had falsely refused to refund me for an  overcharge of an  extra 55 dollars, to me for this  high speed modem that I had never even requested from Bell Sympatico in the first place, and they too easily seem to forget that  fact they Bell Sympatico had falsely also now tried 4 times to withdraw, steal my  money from my bank account even during the time I as supposed to have  free 6 months high speed unlimited internet as well. An agreement they too had falsely breached now.
Now Bell Sympatico’s executive care  Sasha Rollins had  complained to me in writing 3 times back that in the last 18 months I have written 280 letters of rightful complaints to Bell about their inadequate, pretentious, services, even their false breach of their contract obligations. Me I am even next still even rightfully complaining to Bell Sympatico now that I had even firstly to to write any of these 280 letters of complaints to Bell Sympatico, and I as a direct result do even rightfully still do demand full payment of 2500 dollars from Bell Sympatico NOW  for all my wasted time in even having now to do so now as well, plus further payment for the many years I had paid for a high speed internet services but never got one from Bell Sympatico as well. And I rightfully still expect this rightful  2500 dollars payment to me now from Bell Sympatico ASAP AS WELL , and  so also  NEXT  I too will demand an extra 250 dollars in payment  if they do not pay me my 2500 dollars COMPENSATION as soon as possible.
And so the Circus with Bell Sympatico continues..
Filed under: News and politics  Tags: abusers, Bell, Contract, liars, Sympatico Why does it take months to reply to me on my simple issues too.  I keep on getting transferred also to invalid persons, telephone numbers at Bell even today.. Mrs Fernandez  RSVP ASAP
I HAVE HAD IN CANADA IN THE LAST 25 YEARS WHICH IS OFTEN A POLICE STATE THE POLICE COME TO MY HOME 6 TIMES BECAUSE OF SOMETHING I HAD WRITTEN TO THE NEWS EDITORS WITH A COPY TO THE MAYOR, PREMIER, PRIME MINISTER, AND IT WAS ALL A FALSE, CLEAR ATTEMPT TO OF OBSTRUCTION FO JUSTICE, FALSE SUPPRESSIONS  AND HARASSMENT, BUT I AM STILL OPENLY WRITING TOO. all it takes for the evil persons to persons is for the good person to falsely give in to the wicked, who do not like their negative truth exposed of course.. and crooked pastor snow are no different.. 3 separate bad pastors have tried to kick me out of their churches and WERE AS A DIRECT RESULT FORCED TO RESIGN NEXT STILL TOO. Now I am dealing with a very crooked corporation bell Sympatico who now also had  tried to suppress me telling everyone the truth as to what they are really like in my experiences as well. So what else is new? Public exposure and prosecution of the major bad guys serves everyone’s best interest still too and emails and the net is great for that too..
Hey here is what I have also  noticed Bell sends me by mail many times false invoices for their past internet services, but these invoices are unsigned and not official even thus.
Bell’s executive care Useless Supervisor Mrs Fernandez of Bell’s useless Sasha Rollins also needs to be replaced now too Immediately..The also clearly  useless 1-866 317 3382 Bell Sympatico care department too. Dealing with Bell Sympatico is one of the biggest crap in the  world.. for they mostly give you useless information, useless replies, useless phone numbers too, and that is why I send copies of my letters to Bell to everyone..
From: “Sympatico Service” <>
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 2:18 PM
To: “paul kambulow”
Subject: Sympatico Member Services Auto reply /  (KMM16821965V94712L0KM)
  Hello! Thank you for contacting us. We have received your request but in order
  to proceed we require some more information about you.
  We cannot find your account in your records as your incoming e-mail is
  not a sympatico address.
  In order to respond to your request, please go to the following web page
  and fill in the mandatory fields and we will respond to you.
  Did you know you can also visit us on-line for help? It’s fast and
> > Executive Care bell Sasha Rollins, Bell Sympatico Accounting as well,
> I have warned you many times to stop abusing me, to stop harassing me
> for I will continue to post world wide my complaints again about Bell
> Sympatico as I have already done many times. I have received your false
> invoice for my outstanding supposed balance requested of 199.31 dollars
> today  plus your request of the return of your modem too, on the account
> that you had breached false breached my contract cause I had many times
> asked your clearly incompetent, useless personnel to deal with my
> complaints effectively, all 280 of them now too, and for the last 18
> months they have not. Your invoice has to be balanced by my total
> request now of 2500 dollars for your false contract breach and failure
> to provide my adequate ISP services the last year now as I have posted
> on the net too to all. The competitor sales reps are using my letters of
> complaints to help customers to leave Bell Sympatico, to not to take
> your services too. Now stop all of your letters, phone calls harassment
> unless you are ready to fully  deal with all my rightfully complaints to
> you in writing that you have not denied and it is too late to do so as
> well.
>  And so the Circus with Bell Sympatico continues..
>  Paul Kambulow 
>  7781a Rue thibert Montreal Quebec h8n2c5 tel 514-363-7316
>  Bad bad Bell Sympatico
I have a civil engineering degree, Concordia University , Montreal 1968, and I had worked as a ReMax Realtor in Calgary too but in my decades of real life experiences in Canada the existing laws, regulating societies, governments clearly did not stop many Realtors,  lawyers or even now Bell Sympatico from telling lies to the customers, others.
Imagine that Bell has been in Business for many years and is still guilty now clearly of misleading advertisements, fraudulent and unacceptable business practices, not living up to their contractual obligations, as I now have PERSONALLY WITNESSED, EXPERIENCED  and undeniably detailed to even Bell and many others many times too now . I Paid for a high speed unlimited download service but that is not what I got next. I got low internet speed at a high price. With Bell you have to check your actual delivered speeds , “internet download and upload speed test” cause Bell seems to change it to suit themselves..  (Presently I am with Acanac Inc. 1-866-281-3538, and do  see their speed test too).

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