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May 7, 2008


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You get what you hire, pay for, and all that glitters is not gold. Now for about 16 months I have dealt both with the clearly, pretentious  inadequate Bell tech support mostly  in India, and  the too often useless, pretentious Bell Accounting Billing now too.
Attention: Bell executive Care, Bell billing- accounting,  and Bell’s Sasha Rollins-  May 6, 2008,  Letter # 278
My bad Bell internet system was totally down even 3 days two weeks ago, it is totally down again today **, and you did not even credit me for any of this, but Bell next still phones me again today and demands my payment still. Unbelievable and ridiculous. You have mislead me in your advertising for your Bell Internet service works adequately only one week in four in the last 9 months in my direct personal Bell experience now too. Your Bell support services too often do not even do that now as well.  No doubt about it that Bell has lied and over advertised it’s capability, reliability, services too even to me. Unacceptable.
 I was still very surprised next when you even wrote to me last week to  tell me  even as to how many letters I can send,  and what also to whom? and what I could and could not write about Bad  Bell  in my emails?  and what next you also will want to write my emails of me too?  Absurdity for you to demand any of this from me  for  are really falsely dreaming..  But now next  Bell  itself can phone me today again, this afternoon and harasses me for more payments for more of Bell’s breach of contract. This is still unacceptable harassment of me again and absurdity too that all can see. This Unauthorized Bell watchdog needs to firstly look at itself and deal rightfully even firstly with it’s much too many customer contract violations, abuses, and ASAP even in reality. When I called back Bell I often have to wait  a long time and next because they  had  even disconnected me, hanged up on me, pr promise to call back  and no one at Bell next had even called me back as Bell had promised to do so again even  today. I get a still bad service from you..  Contract obligations wrongfully are solely one way with Bell, I pay and you provide a poor service.
As posted on the net the Bell supervisor had promised me last week that my complaints would be all fully investigated, adequately dealt with and no one will trouble me from Bell now next too. I got that in writing too 
” 11:30:11 AM Ram (SCI-11579) I will make sure this is the last time , you are chatting for this particular issue. I will put all my notes and submit the feedback on behalf of you to Sympatico and get this issue investigated as early as possible.
11:30:30 AM PK I will believe it when I see it
11:30:33 AM PK bye “..
Bell’s USELESS Sympatico Billing  But often Bell lies to me, and to  others too , that I know for sure many many many times too firsthand..
But now today this afternoon I next still just got another unacceptable harassing computer phone call from Bell’s Billing, who in their one sided greedy pursuit of the contractual obligations, falsely overlook the fact when Bell they firstly they did not keep my side of the contract  as my many letters that you admit in writing to me that you have received now where I  have detailed, that I specially had not requested or authorized any internet upgrades, changes in 2008 nor had I requested any modem upgrades but yet I was charged for this, and I objected to all of this and I had asked you many times to  rightfully  take this of my bill but you wrongfully did not.. You have no proof that I in writing I had authorized these changes too. So the really crappy Bell does not deal with my posted complaints to them but they want to harass me again with phone calls for  my money.. Deal with all my complaints firstly if you want to  be paid for anything! Deal with your false breach of my contract obligations now too, and my requested payments for my bad services, problems now from Bell too.
Rightfully Stop now these harassing Bell phone calls too. Now RSVP ASAP and deal adequately with all of my complaints now to you too , thank you. Unless you still lido want everyone to get much more emails ?
Paul Kambulow 7781a thibert Street,  LaSalle- Montreal, Quebec h8n2c5,
Home  Tel 514-363-7316  KMM16616921V25471L0KM (KMM16681313V70004L0KM)
Posted on the net too..
** 2 WEEKS AGO I HAD THE SAME  NON WORKING INTERNET PROBLEM I HAD TODAY AND MANY TIMES BEFORE.. BECAUSE THOSE USELESS TECH NERDS IN INDIA WOULD LIE TO ME AND SAY THE PROBLEM IS EITHER A DEFECTIVE MODEM this is my second 2 wire modem now too,   or  they say the problem is the customer’s  computer cache , VIRUS, SPYWARE, AND NOT at all BELL ITSELF.  At my own insistence a  more detailed  INVESTIGATION into the matter was made  next  BY BELL’S CANADIAN TECH NERD IN NEW BRUNSWICK which RATHER REVEALED THAT it turns out that FIRSTLY the Bell INTERNET SERVICE itself was was down, and in the process THE RESTART NEXT  reboots each of  the customer’s 2 wire modem, and the reboot next would not accept many of the user’s existing password unless one letter at least was in upper case, a common knowledge only to a few at Bell but not to most of the customers, and not the  rest of the Bell support personnel, especially in India  sadly. So Bell you have bad telephone lines, and bad equipment  and clearly ignorant, bad Bell techs making it all worse ehh? Those much to many Bell liars in India tend to falsely blame the customer too often.. not their own tech ignorance,

  I was still very surprised next when a person from Bell now even wrote to me to  tell me  even what I could and could not write to them in my emails and also how many letters now even too .. for they are dreaming.. dreaming absurdities.. what about some real repentance from them firstly for their own clearly unacceptable, undeniable poor and immoral acts firstly and rightfully still too. Who does he think he is? I know what he is, an abuser  still, an unacceptable bully too!!
Bell has often itself found a an excuse for not performing a specific job assigned to them under the  contract agreement but fooled few in the process now too as to how really immoral Bell was, is  and that includes their false capping, terminations of the customers unlimited downloads now too..
One side breaching a contract is a common, often fact of life, very common, and it happens often in in the Computer business, with Internet Service Providers, in  Real estate and even with new home contractors now as well sadly,  and I  have often witnessed it myself.. and pretentious self regulating boards, governments  are mostly useless too, and it is basically too costly to get a lawyer, it only makes the lawyer’s richer, so now the best way to deal with any breach of contract  is to  expose the bad guys to all, to the news media  and thus really put them out of business.. and I have done that even with a large major corporation successfully before now too.. 
“Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Breaching a Contract
10. YOUR BUSINESS REPUTATION. You could damage your reputation in the business community.
9. YOUR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS. You could sever your business relationship with the other party.
8. LAWSUITS. You could be sued.
7. TIME AWAY FROM YOUR BUSINESS. If sued, you could be forced to spend valuable time away from your business in order to respond to discovery requests, attend depositions, and litigate the matter in court.
6. LEGAL FEES. You could incur significant legal fees.
5. SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE. Depending on the nature of the contract, you could be ordered by the court to perform your obligations under the contract.
4. CONTEMPT. If you don’t obey the court’s order, you could be held in contempt, fined, and/or imprisoned.
3. COMPENSATORY AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. You could be forced to pay money damages to the non breaching party, in an amount that puts that party in as good a position as it would have been in were it not for the breach.
2. PUNITIVE DAMAGES. You could be ordered to pay punitive damages, which are not limited by the amount of the other party’s losses and can be very significant.
1. YOU LOSE ALL THE WAY AROUND. You could end up spending much more time, money, and mental and physical energy resolving the breach than you would have spent performing your obligations under the contract.”



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