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April 25, 2008

Canada’s Federal Government, Bell

From: Paul Kambulow
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 4:09 AM
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Subject: it is no secret why Stephen Harper and Stephen Dion are not more popular with the citizens
I also do agree it is no secret why Stephen Harper and Stephen Dion are not more popular with the citizens.. it seems both of them are really deaf too.
Majority of the voters are still just the ordinary basic citizens who really do care if the governments does look after the citizen’s own interests, and  not rather mainly after the selective few.  
Yes most People still do watch even you as to how you. and I do treat others,  how the government threats others, for they know that is likely how they will be treated next too.
Now for 25 years I have rightfully complained that the government has not dealt with, addressed many of the  the basic citizens complaints such as –
1: The bad Canadian cops , bad RCMP who rarely are punished for abusing the citizen, their internal cover-up police reviews are an unacceptable farce.
2: Consumer affairs protection is another pretentious joke, and we have seen that illustrated too often how little is being done about false, misleading advertising, especially now in regards to the big Bully Bell.
3  But also now there are many other related past citizens complaints, the citizens had been led to hope, to believe they would be addressed by the new Conservative.. but were sadly disappointed..  such as those too often pretentious and inadequate still civil and public servants in Health Canada, Foreign Affairs and in Immigration Canada now too.. and even bad civil and public servants in other governmental departments..
The self serving leaders, rather still pretentious, bad managers,  and  bad governments, are too transparent to get the citizens full support still too and rightfully so too.
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 10:05 AM
Subject: The Bell Paul Kambulow Topic
  Re: The Paul Kambulow Topic
9:58 AM
To my Witness the following happened on my Bell unlimited, 6 meg high speed account, and I have been with Bell for many years for a start.. I want Bell to honour all of their past promises to me.

1 Firstly what is there here to understand now, it is all simple, Bell for months, years now lies to me even in their adds, on the phone, on the net, by chat.. I Phone them, write to them and I make posts here, and they next do say sorry but Bell they do not keep their promises, and/or deal with my complaints fully, adequately too. Facts posted in detail on about 12 internet sites for all to read. It is all undeniable too. /2 They Bell, Executive Care Sasha Rollins still do send me 3 letters to my home in the last 9 months by mail, Bell had threatened in writing to cut of my phone, my internet account if I complain about Bell to any others. Next me, the news media, the Prime Minister too, strongly objected to this approach by Bell. I next often tell Bell to go to court, for I need the publicity, for that is the only way they are going to be paid for Bell’s false extra changes, contract violations too. If they cut of my internet or send me lying Bills, lying phone calls I will charge them with harassment next as well.So BELL in the last month mostly does not even reply to my emails except to phone me at home and say a person at the highest level has been appointed to deal with it, he had phoned me at home, and all of my complaints had be resolved, but this is a great lie, for when I ask all of them for the name of the person no one knows who it is, or what his name is. I ask for his phone number and they refuse to give it to me. I still have not got an official confirmation of any of this still too after many requests too. My past Contact officially with BELL SASHA ROLLINS HE EVEN DID NOT RETURN ONE PHONE CALL TO HIM THIS YEAR, NOR REPLY TO MANY MANY EMAILS, AND HE HAS NOT DEALT WITH ALL OF THESE DETAILED COMPLAINTS ABOUT MY BILLING ACCOUNT, LINE PROBLEMS, BELLS MANY LIES AS WELL.

3 The last many months too I specially as well have not been able to access my Bell on line Billing , to even see, get my monthly billing for months, so I phoned them about a month ago specially too and Bell still will not send me an official copy of them.. and does that fact alone not make you really su****ious of Bell? why are they doing that now? Waiting for a CRTC hearing presently ongoing to be able to screw me officially? or waiting for me to leave Bell on my own? OR WHAT? DO TELL ME.

4 I was on a high-speed unlimited contract and someone at Bell changed it to who knows what, for they never gave me confirmation of what I was even changed to yet now as well. and I have asked them many times too.. and why.. they lie.. and don’t tell me what you think happened here.. confirm it officially.

5 Because someone changed me to another plan, and I was given the name and number of the Bell employee by Bell accounting now too, next I also got a rather huge bill upwards of 250$ for bandwidth charges. Meanwhile SOME ONE AT BELL ACCOUNTING sends me unofficial, unsigned partial billing statements, supposed new contract, but it is so vague, useless.. all it says is I agree to a Bell internet service! no terms specified. Bell will not even confirm when my supposedly old contract had started and stopped as well.. why?

6 Plus someone at Bell lied and said I wanted this year an upgraded modem and charged me 55 dollars for it too.. and I never was even requested it or told about it..

7. My internet has been cutting off intermittently (a sign of Bell’s external wiring problem). continued

  Re: The Paul Kambulow Topic
9:59 AM
8 Plus 3/4 weeks my speeds fluctuated from 1 to 6 megs and they were not a steady 5- 6 megs9 Plus Bell capped my bit torrents without telling me too.10. My speeds have been fluctuating (a sign of a wiring problem and/or a sign of the profile being changed by Bell continually too.. I get different answers from Bell to what my speed profile was even under the old Unlimited contract.11. Although since January 2007 I have been complaining about my slow internet last July I found out Bell really had no high speed line at all in my area, we all here had been for years paying for high speed and next we got only al low speed line in fact12 So Bell in August 2007 out me on a Fiber optical cable at 6 megs, and promised me 3 months free service too.. It last one month, and they they broke their promise and demanded an extra 74 dollars per month in September from me for the 6 meg unlimited..

13 So next In December Bell Sasha Rollins agrees to six months free internet at 6 megs and unlimited downloads in writing.. and this last only for 3 weeks.. the speed profiles next do change generally during the last week of January, February, March 2008 and 3 weeks of complaining they bring it back up.

14: I also have been having disconnect problems that the last 9 months too when it rains

15 I have been having new capping on my email send outs the last 9 months too

14 This problem Bell internet services has been going on for many many months and so in March I ask them to pay me the 6 months free internet as promised plus an extra 500 dollars too for someone else’s mistake.

And if they continue to hassle me about this I will rightfully demand one year free internet service, and 1000 extra.

15 In the last 9 months I had my modem replaced 7 times, I had 7 repairmen in my home, I talked to 7 Bell expediters at the executive care including Sasha Rollins, and still get screwed by Bell’s ongoing lies, Bell’s contract violations, failure to keep their promises too.

16 Instead of giving me 6 months of promised 6 megs unlimited free internet Bell next credits the account for 304 dollars, next cancels the credit, next reinstalls the credit, and meanwhile Bell even falsely tries to take more money from my pre authorized payment bank account even twice in one month causing an 75 dollars Bank over draft, when I was on the free 6 months plan, plus had a credit here for it too. Now they have to pay me back the 75 dollars too rightfully

17 I often get a phone calls at my home from supervisors in India, or Accounting too, or Bell executive carte who say they will resolve all my complaints and call me back the next day, even from a new person this week, but they do not call me back firstly, never mind deal with all of my complaints, demands too.

18. Yes I rightfully want the bandwidth charges removed for 2008 till we both agree upon a new contract, payments right now there is no official contract, and thus have no right to take any money from by pre authorized bank account for it too..

19. I want any costs incurred, due to me leaving Bell to go elsewhere to be paid by Bell as well for I had told bell in December I would rather go to their competitions at 19 dollars per moth, for one year, 5 megs speed, unlimited download and they asked me not to do so.. based on their false, dirtied promises.


Re: The Paul Kambulow Topic
9:59 AM
20. I am still on regular high-speed plan, unlimited for no one gave them person to change it FIRSTLY, NOR HAD BELL NOTIFIED ME OF ANY CHANGES TO IT OFFICIALLY TOO.21 . I still want copies of your bills for the past 6-months so you can scrutinize them to see if there is any other money you may have over-paid. and there wasHave I missed anything? yes many other rightful complaints about Bell too, manyFederal Consumer affairs Minister Jim Prentice last year had promised to prosecute Bell Sympatico for false misleading advertising to me, The Quebec Minister of Fiancé ME Forget promises to review the matter and get back to me as well.. and where are the results here too? etc..,,

(She  MLA Monique Forget had to unfortunately resign from political  life first  because of another financial scandal invoving the Quebec Pension Fund..)

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