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April 15, 2008


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—– Original Message —–
From:  Paul Kambulow
To: Sasha Rollins
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Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:09 PM
Subject: For once can I get an honest answer from you Sasha Rolins even on this? (KMM16616921V25471L0KM) etc
Attention Bell Sasha Rollins My unlimited downloads INTERNET ACCOUNT.
Now please do tell us all the truth, that  there was a false reason why Bell Billing was unable, unwilling to give me as requested by me many times now too even in writing, or  to allow me access to my rightfully  requested  ACCOUNT STATEMENTS FOR JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL 2008, for my 6 meg unlimited download account, nor would they or you now   tell me the details of the credits, charges there this year, till today. So why was that now?
Like I had said to you before.. “As far as Bell’s subsequent false facing saving excuses, lies, distortions, to me and the news media too, with an inapplicable clause of Bell too,  you  falsely capping my bit torrent downloads ,in reality you should again note especially as I have pointed out to you before too, you had advertised unlimited downloads, and something that I had paid for and I agreed with Bell now, thus next I had also broken now no Bell contract or Canadian laws in the process. But Big Brother  you here lie, lied  and said I did. How can there be a cap on unlimited downloads internet services? That is clearly an unacceptable  oxymoron. You Bell thus are rather clearly unacceptably now guilty of bait and switch, false, misleading adverting to all of Bell’s customers and Bell now should be rightfully prosecuted, punished for it by all now too. Bell  now has acknowledged in writing to me On April 8, 2008  that a credit of  $307.32 was applied to my Sympatico account and your January 4 2008  invoice to me had reflected this, for my 6 months free internet services, but  why was it now that I have been unable to access this online Bell Sympatico Billing services of yours still to see it, as I  had complained in writing to you many times now too,  and why had Bell  accounting department refused to now even confirm this credit, and  Bell Billing  undeniably had refused also to mail  me a copy of these payments, billings, on all of the  related terms of agreements, and undeniably now as well. And into what account was this Bell credit next now put into? My supposedly old account 6 meg unlimited download  that I had in 2007 or into a new account of 2008 that some one in Bell  had falsify, had created without my knowledge, authorization, approval as well? Why had Bell, Billing  wrongfully failed to deal with this related complaint of mine now  too? How Bell stole my money!!! and Bell had promised me shortly, the last ten days an adequate reply on all of this and I have not gotten it to date.”
Because Immoral Bell have been paying it’s employees a commission, as Bell Billing told me today , if they it seems can by any means get the Bell customer of the old existing unlimited plan of 2006, 2007 to the new plan that was actually more costly to the customers, but meanwhile after the large, severe customer backlash  in this regard now too, Bell next still says it has not formulated precisely what the costs of their new unlimited plan extra finally is for 2008, as I have seen  clearly on the net today at your Sympatico discussion forum.
So will you tell me the name of the unacceptable, dirty Bell employee who falsified my Bell internet account changes in January 2008 behind my back and without my approval, and will you also rightfully fire all the executives, employees related too who had now participated in this immoral scheme. acts too.  Or are you part of them now?
Are you going to next threaten to sue me, disconnect my phone an internet services  wrongfully, in writing too  for exposing these undeniable  truths to all now too?
—– Original Message —–
From:  paul kambulow
To: ;
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Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: Does unlimited bandwidth exist or not? Hey Sasha Rollins deal with this still tooNote these  facts too.. Bell undeniably, wrongfully screws many customers and often in regard to their unlimited internet accounts now.. not just me.
Re: Does unlimited bandwidth exist or not?
Posted 6:08 PM by paul kambulow
and you can have the same thing for 19 dollars elswhere too ehhh  (Acanac  1-866-281-3538 ,  1-416-849-8520 )
Re: Does unlimited bandwidth exist or not? 
Posted 6:10 PM by paul kambulow
Bell tried to screw me the same way.. As I detailed on my site.. That is cause Bell employees as confirmed by Bell Billing can get a commission if they take you of the original unlimited plan.. 

 Re: Does unlimited bandwidth exist or not?
Posted Mar 28, 2008 by LuvieDuvie
I told him how disgusted I was with their business tactics, going behind my back changing my plan with no notice and lying about it. I said I would be looking into other ISPs. I have had my Sympatico email for over 8 years, I really don’t want to change it now.
I asked on another online forum, and they said it was BS, that they have unlimited.
So, trying to get a straight answer here, hopefully from someone who speaks English. Is it or is it not possible to get unlimited bandwidth usage from Bell?

1. he had unlimited
2. Bell at their SOLE DISCRETION changed him from unlimited to a 60-gig cap.
3. He complained and the Bell-Trained-Rep told him he NEVER had unlimited. This is a common LIE the reps have told people over and over again. Its been documented in this forum before and other forums.
He had unlimited PLAIN & SIMPLE AND HE WANTS IT BACK! Bell took it away from him.
4. last month he went over his NEW 60-gig limit and Bell charged him the max 30$ ceiling for going over his NEW limit.
5. He called back, the Bell-Trained-Rep sold him the NEW 30-gig insurance package for 10$
(refer to for the Bell discussion of the NEW 10$ insurnce plan)
So he is getting 90-gigs for 10$ more. Not 30$.
5. bodahinprescott is asking, IF he goes over 90-gigs will he still be charged 30$.
The answer is no. It can be MORE than 30$ now. As per this link (part 1 & 2) there is NO MORE 30$ ceiling for going over the bandwidth limit. He will now be charge for EVERY SINGLE gig over his 90-gig limit.
So the answer is, FOR EVERY SINGLE GIG you go over the 90-gig, you will be charged. Before it was a maximum charge of 30$. They just removed this maximum charge this month and there is no longer a charge limit.
6. His buddies have unlimited and he wants to know why Bell singled him out. Even I know people who have unlimited. So his question still remains;
a) WHY did bell single HIM out and remove his unlimited?
b) Why did the Bell-trained-rep lie to him and tell him he never had unlimited.
c) Why did the Bell-trained-rep tell him to show proof that he had unlimited? THIS IS VERY RUDE.
7. bodahinprescott then asks if its still possible to get unlimited.
The answer is technically yes, depending on who you complain to, and you have valid complaints.

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