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March 8, 2008

Bad Ministers


All Bad Cabinet Ministers In Canada still  are also unacceptable.. federally and provincially, and there are much too many of them still



especially all of the Canadian Justice, Health, Consumer Affairs ones still too.

and I rightfully haven’t change my mind on this in decades now too
Just for a start= Edmonton Police Service has the lowest crime clearance rate of any police force in Alberta. The only other major police force is Calgary.. and they are not much better.


OTTAWA Dec 2009 – No Bonuses this Christmas? A major drop in tax receipts from corporations is helping push the federal government into the biggest deficit in its history, the latest fiscal reporting from the Finance Department shows. The recession is hitting the federal government in all areas, but none so dramatically as with the corporate sector, where taxes collected so far this year are down 37 per cent in comparison with last year.The $6.6-billion shortfall from business taxes is actually more than the $4.9-billion decrease the government has seen in personal taxes, which represent a far bigger slice of the revenue pie. Overall,  projection of a record $56.2-billion deficit.

  Fire the useless civil and public servants firstly


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