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January 31, 2014

the last 50 years Quebec is falsely soft on white collared crimminals

Follow the money trail, one of the oldest rules of good journalism, it will tell you how effective the ministers, cops, RCMP, civil and public servants, professionals,  now really are too. The Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the unrepentant guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest. The Quebec governments, politicians, police, administrators certainly are still too soft on dealing with crimes, inadequacies BUT so is the federal government.
While Scandals and corruption are nothing new in politics and elsewhere too and whether it be the MPs…MLAs or Senators at all levels of government or another crook.  The political past and present times of even the politicians  are not only  rampant and full of scandals and corruptions that are too numerous to even begin to list but they are still very clearly evidence of the really bad managements by the political leaders. Even this recent wave of scandal and corruption all across the country at all levels of government is  CONTINUAL signal for us the citizens to seriously  weigh  in the matter and demand not only more safe guards such as mandatory police clearances prior to anyone being allowed to run for office but we need to see these guilty persons punished. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons, with jail time, serves everyone’s   best interest even the guilty offender.  Mandatory legal actions should  be made into enforced  laws against all bad civil and public servants, politicians, crooks  that  would allow further criminal proceedings against any who are involved in taxpayer’s money abuses scandal and corruption. The time for this change even  in political governing  is in order. Not only because of our good welfare ….. but rather because of these much too many crooks, abusers.. And once elected……. periodical checks are required, even recalls on all politicians, senators too  to insure that these politicians have not next  not falling to the weigh side while in office  and they should not be treated be treated any better or differently over  anyone else in life who does wrong, evil, crimes. Obviously too many of our politicians, civil and public servants as evidenced from their past and current behavior and conduct really are no better then anybody else, are unsuited thus for their jobs and should be removed’s time the RCMP looked at the questionable spending practices – their own and the others
At least I as an experienced, honest,  mature person  I am very consistent the last 3 decades now too.  I am  a normal, typical  Canadian who really dislikes ALL OF THE crooked, bad politicians, BAD  civil and public servants, bad cops, bad pastors, bad lawyers, bad professionals,  bad Canadian corporations and their related bad managers and yes I seriously do try to do  something good about it.
Look the citizens are busy working, even paying their taxes and they have elected Ministers to look after them and all the issues instead.. It amazes me thus next that now for years and years    why does it takes so long for them and our civil and public servants  to  even deal with anything I have written now too..
Now for years  years I  have been writing to all of you in detail about the pensions fraud, tax evasions being carried out by New Immigrants who never have officially worked in Canada, get nice Canadian Pensions, work under the table only one, note only one of the about 24 guilty persons has even  been dealt with to date.
None of the abuse of the taxpayers money is ever acceptable and any major abuse should not be only grounds for one’s dismissal from one’s job but it should also be a criminal, jailing offence always too….
Now today a useless Quebec civil servants phoned me and he  is going to confirm to me by letter that the results of their tax evasions  investigations, if any that they will never be disclosed..
Firstly so no  one can know how uses, pretentious the civil servants actually are in reality.
Secondly the Quebec Government is falsely worried about the criminal’s privacy, sensitivity to their crimes being exposed publically
and this is unacceptable as you know I  am going to keep writing to all until I do  see visible results..
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too and all criminals as well.

UNPROSECUTED BAD CRIMMINALS ABOUND IN QUEBEC  CAUSE CLEARLY OUR BAD LEADERS, ADMINSTRATORS THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROSECUTE THEIR BAD ASSOCIATES. Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while the Police , RCMP and the Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it.. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too. . HOUSE CLEANING IS STILL VERY MUCH IN ORDER

 It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behaviour,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours too, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.
Public exposure of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest, the criminals now included.. best start.
Which reminds me I have even as recently met many non Canadians persons who never officially worked in Canada, have never contributed to obtain legitimate benefits, who also get subsidized housing rental units in Quebec, they also get Supplemental pensions benefits, and do even own nice cars, plus they regularly also travel abroad to manage their undeclared incomes, properties there now too.. How come??
DON’T BE STUPID AND BELIEVE ALL THE LYING SPINS AS TO WHY IT TAKES SO LONG TO INVESTIGATE THE BAD COPS or bad professionals, bad civil and public servants.. I have had many experiences in laying simple complaints against bad cops, bad professionals, bad civil and public servants  that never got anywhere cause the investigators were clearly pretenders.. in Contrast the investigations of all citizens clearly would not take so long..
while major rampant corruption was being carried out next to the Justice center, police station all  unstopped and unchecked, the foxes in the Montreal City Hall were continuing to steal money from the taxpayers and City Hall executives, personnel falsely went along with it?

Now tell us all how many of these Montreal crooks will face actual jail time and how long now as well?  and how many of them were found guilty of tax evasions now too? Not even a handful?

The PRETENTIOUS TOO OFTEN Police really cannot CATCH  the criminals so they go after the car speeders instead.. 
Yes  the   RCMP again  have lost much more respect over the past two years as well as embarrassing Canada again world-wide.
Decades and decades later the police are still  even covering up for their own again and again but the police are not the only bad professionals who do this these days as well, so do the Hospitals, doctors, nurses, civil and public servants, governments…
Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year ..
For over a decade I wrote and told you all rightfully that the police in Canada are cost ineffective, lazy, immoral, money hungry,  incompetent, mismanaged and  the RCMP included.. because they still do hire crap for policemen from the start.. and so now you pay the price for it.. Garbage in means Garbage out..
for decades there was a vast amount of Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while Police, RCMP, Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it 
Undisciplined Doctors, like Policeman, Nurses do now get complacent with daily routine and forget how to act properly. …
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January 1, 2014

Crunchy numbers 2013 about thenonconformer Blog




Canada has both good and bad points  in reality.. I too do not use an ostrich approach and try to sweep negative truths under the rug but I write to have them still properly dealt with, ASAP too.


This blog was viewed about 78,000 times in 2013. About 600,000 times all together.

In 2013, there were 68 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 956 posts.


Some visitors came searching, mostly for driving and cell phones, Quebec, alcohol, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, political cartoons, Police, Canada, and divorce.


How did they find the blog?  Regular readers, Search engines,
The top referring sites in 2013 were
Where did they come from? That’s 179 countries in all!
Most visitors came from Canada. The United States & India were not far behind. Portugal as well.. 
Now I have posted about 1000 posts here but it seems most readers like to read still only the ten most popular subjects

These are the posts that got the most views in 2013.

1 Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian Church

2 Drink Alcohol and Die

3: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his Church -The Christian Missionary Alliance

4 Quebec

5 Medicare

6 Police


As usual the same topics get read the Most.. Divorce, Medicare,  plus the bad cops, bad Bell, Alcoholism etc.

- Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian Church    
- What is driving Canada’s health costs? Bad doctors, bad Nurses, bad administrators.    
- The full extent of Internet crime – MICROSOFT FIRSTLY FAILED TO DO IT’S JOB    
- Canada’s hogs get richer at the Citizens expense    
- Canadian Jews falsely object to the truth being displayed ..    
- Too many Doctors are mainly selfish, self centered, want to get rich fast    

October 2, 2012

Now tell us all how many of these Montreal crooks will face actual jail time and how long now as well. cops included.

All the well known now and clearly bad politicians, civil and public servants, even bad pastors  still deny their own guilt, but that realy now is no surprise,for it would be a surprise rather if they had admitted it. They still have clearly lost the respect of many citizens still.




Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while the Police , RCMP and the Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it.. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.



The federal Government, the RCMP, the Quebec Government, Sûreté du Québec should launch a full investigation into corruption at the Montreal City Hall and elswhere  Immediately.


Mat 7:16  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
It is also  COMMON  fact of life, particularly amongst the CROOKS, OR the  young, inexperienced persons  who cannot handle serious , heavy negative realties that false denial, ostrich approach is a serious part of their make up, and their related defense protection when you cannot discredit the facts, you try to make a still fatal , false personal attack on the writer, accusers instead. 
Denial of the reality, of the truth, of one’s exposure it is very very common even amongst so called professionals, even in pastors now included, when many an individual are asked to repent of their own wrong disclosed doings. One’s false denial here can be a very false disregard for facts and circumstances and a more subtle expression of ones unreal personal preferences, their now very much delusional world of fantasy. These people in false denial are the ones who often need professional help for their sickness even because they do falsely refuse to admit, to see their own bad points, and they wrongfully, clearly down to let all other persons falsely to believe they are some kind of gods, perfectionists, even persons who themselves cannot be challenged, questioned. This is more absurdity on their parts. There is no such thing as living in a world in which individuals are not being judged by others for the actions that they take or what they say or who they associate with too. Making a statement such as “you cannot judge me” is ludicrous.
IT IS A TOO COMMON FALSELY DENIED KNOWLEDGE THESE DAYS THAT THE POLICE, RCMP, MINISTERS, GOVERNMENT CONSULTANTS THESE DAYS, EVEN IMMIGRANT CONSULTANTS TOO IT SEEMS , SEEM TO BE ANOTHER WORD FOR ABUSERS, THIEVES, LIARS CROOKS. AND WE ALL NEED TO DEAL WITH IT MORE EFFECTIVELY NOW TOO. I EXPECT MOSTLY ALL OF THE CROOKS TO TAKE AN OSTRICH APPROACH AND TO  FALSELY DENY WHO THEY ARE CAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THE PROFITABILITY OF THEIR BAD ACTS NOW TOO. And their own false Denial will not change the facts or their own eventual negative consequences too. Wrongful inactions, Cover ups, False denial of bad politicians, bad cops, bad persons, false pastors, false priests are much too common always but nevertheless they do EVENTUALLY get exposed, revealed to all as to what they are often now like too, and get what they deserve, and not the first or last time.. THEY ALSO DO even personally now find out next as a direct result too THAT A GOOD NAME IS WORTH MORE THAN ANY SILVER OR GOLD THEY HAD ACQUIRED..
When we all still do not like to be rebuked or exposed to all. Our tendancy of  Revenge and anger tends to amplify our worst  tendencies but we all do still need a  stark reminder that all persons now  can still be and will be accountable  for what they do, say, in governments, churches, in the open, online or  otherwise. Ministers, leaders, Pastors, elders, individuals included.

“The owner Lino Zambito, former head of bankrupt Infrabec construction, a now-defunct construction company has singled out one of the most powerful officials in Montreal city hall as being on the take said that former director general Robert Abdallah may have been receiving kickbacks.

Zambito said that when Infrabec was repairing sewer systems on Sherbrooke St., Abdallah ordered him to buy pipes he did not need from Tremca Group, or else he would lose the contract. Zambito argued that it was cheaper and more effective to pour concrete directly on location, but in the end agreed to buy the expensive pre-fabricated pipes, as long as Infrabec was paid extra for the unnecessary work and supplies. “If you want the project to go ahead, the pipes have to be bought form Tremca at the price you were told,” said Zambito. “We will pay you and the difference of $300,000 in the pipes, it’s the amount the men from Tremca, Mr. Caron, will have to pay Mr. Abdallah so that the project is approved by the City of Montreal.” Abdallah was center of federal scandal Abdallah resigned from his post in 2006 under a cloud of suspicion. The Federal Government, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former Director of Communications, Dmitri Soudas, tried to have Abdallah hired as president of the Port of Montreal in 2007. Audio recordings obtained by the Globe and Mail and Radio-Canada showed construction company leaders Antonio ‘Tony’ Accurso and Bernard Poulin saying that Soudas was “the real boss of Quebec” and could get Abdallah named to the post. Abdallah was eventually hired by Gastier Construction, another firm owned by Accurso.

The sheer scope of the power once held by Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto has been hinted at in testimony at Quebec’s corruption inquiry. According to the testimony  he once helped decide who built the roads in Quebec. A construction boss says that when there was a dispute over who should win a certain bid for roadwork, he was invited to a restaurant owned by his competitor. Sitting there, acting as mediator: the head of Canada’s Cosa Nostra.

Rizzuto was also an arbitrator Zambito also said that in many cases, Vito Rizzuto had acted as a dispute-settler between construction firms, at one point telling Zambito that his company lacked the experience necessary to rebuild Acadie Circle. Antonio Accurso, whose company won the Transport Quebec bid to rebuild the Acadie Circle, issued a written statement denying all of Zambito’s allegations. Accurso said that he never had any disagreement with Zambito, that he never asked Rizzuto to intervene on any aspect of the Acadie Circle bid, and that he never had a meeting with Rizzuto and Zambito. The Acadie Circle has flooded half a dozen times since it was rebuilt in 2004.

At the Charbonneau Commission Zambito has testified that many people working in Montreal’s City Hall were corrupt, with senior employees demanding a cut of municipal contracts. Zambito testified on Monday that he had paid $400,000 to two people as part of the price necessary to win municipal contracts. On Tuesday the Commission said it will analyze 70 separate contracts awarded by the city of Montreal.

Read more:

Zambito  made stunning disclosures about how construction companies colluded to divvy up city ( of Montreal)  work among them and rig the prices of contract bids. A further one per cent cut, Zambito said Monday, was paid to the city engineer who approved contracts. There was a running joke that the official claimed a one per cent “GST” — the name being a tongue-in-cheek twist on the French-language acronym for the federal sales tax. It was apparently named for, and by, engineer Gilles Surprenant, according to Zambito.  Montreal City Hall’s opposition leaders called for Tremblay to resign. Vision Montreal Leader Louise Harel and Projet Montréal Leader Richard Bergeron said the mayor can’t be trusted to govern until the next municipal elections, in November 2013.

Now tell us all how many of these Montreal crooks will face actual jail time and how long now as well?  and how many of them were found guilty of tax evasions now too? Not even a handfull?

see also now

The feds blame the cops, the RCMP, the province, while the RCMP blames the Montreal Municipal and  the Quebec provincial Governments.. what a circus that is now going on.. all  while criminals were having a field day abusing the tax payers monies.. The Montreal Mayor and the federal Conservatives, RCMP  all now  have   denied any wrongdoing in the matters.. and who  now openly will admit their guilt?  another Watergate or Montrealgate..

September 7, 2012

For all ye Quebec bashers from Ontario too


1 Now  a person from Ontario complained to me directly that an insurance for an older car is significantly , significantly much higher, exponentially higher,  in Ontario over that for the same car in Quebec? Now why is that?  is the government of Ontario trying to help Ontario citizens or rip them off?

2 In regard to our too often 2 tiered justice systems I already know how crooked the police rather are too often even in Ontario, and even the  municipalities now undeniably are as well, both falsely living high on the hog, with their  ridiculous overtime and absurd expense account approvals, plus questionable purchasing practices…  and also their inacceptable abuses of the ordinarily citizens wrongfully, while wrongfully few cops ever get arrested for speeding or drunk driving now too.
You should also fully deal with that now

May 1, 2012

False cover-ups, clearly Canada’s police still get preferential treatment


False cover-ups, clearly Canada’s police still get preferential treatment and so do do our much too many bad justice Ministers, politicians it seems.. as we have now seen in the Charboneau  corruption commission in Quebec

The police officer who had been up all night partying with his police buddies, colleagues and did they all drive drunk home as well now?  The Police often visted the Police tavern.. many cops are alcoholics undeniably now too.. Unacceptable still.

WINNIPEG — A trial began Monday for a former Manitoba police chief accused of deliberately torpedoing a drunk-driving investigation into another officer. Harry Bakema is accused of obstruction of justice, perjury and breach of trust in a car crash that killed Crystal Taman, a mother of two who was stopped at a red light while driving to work on the morning of Feb. 25, 2005. Taman’s compact car was rear-ended by a truck driven by Derek Harvey-Zenk, an off-duty Winnipeg police officer who had been up all night partying with colleagues. Despite clear road conditions and a big warning light ahead of the intersection, Harvey-Zenk never hit the brakes as his pickup plowed into Taman’s stopped car. The accident happened in the Winnipeg bedroom community of East St. Paul, where Bakema was the police chief. He was among the first officers on scene.The Crown’s first witness Monday testified that Bakema was pretty certain what had caused the crash.“He told me (Harvey-Zenk) was impaired at the time” said RCMP Cpl. Chris Blandford, a collision reconstruction expert who attended the scene hours later.“He was very disappointed . . . that a member of the Winnipeg Police Service was an offender.”But any evidence of intoxication never made it to Harvey-Zenk’s trial.

February 23, 2012

Join the RCMP and have sex in a government supplied police car too


Mountie who had police-car sex with her superior shouldn’t lose her job; Her boss and his superiors rather should

VANCOUVER – An RCMP officer who had an on-going affair with her boss — including having sex in a police car —shouldn’t lose her job while her superior simply loses 10 days pay, her lawyer told an RCMP panel. Larry McGonigal told the panel Wednesday it would be inappropriate and disconcerting for Const. Susan Gastaldo to be fired after the panel found her guilty of disgraceful conduct. Her superior officer, Staff Sgt. Travis Pearson, has already been reprimanded and docked 10 days pay by the same panel after admitting to the affair and using a Blackberry to exchange suggestive emails.

October 17, 2011

besides the police undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged

It used to be that impaired driving, driving drunk, or in rage, or under the influence of drugs caused the majority of traffic deaths.. but undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged on the highway.. the people who talk and drive..

Neither the Telephone companies will discourage the use of phones, nor will the people who make beer or alcohol try realy to discourage the booze drinker so it is the role of the government, for public safety and the good of us all to deal with it effectively.

and both impaired, drunk drivers, cellphone users while driving, all should be prosecuted the year around

Speeding still is not the main cause of highway deaths, or vehicular accidents

the continually bad RCMP

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None!  We as taxpayers do even pay a significant part of the Policeman’s education, Development, Training and then they too do  falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances. 

I recognize that God is not the abuser; the bad people who misuse their authority are the unacceptable abusers and they all should be directly punished for it now and ASAP. I do not even accept any personal, domestic abuses quietly and rightfully as well…

The abuser too often tries to make the victim look as they are guilty ones, and that too is always unacceptable

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None! If you are being abused do not hesitate ASAP to call the police, human rights courts, news media.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV)

Matt 32:29 You shall love your neighbour as yourself.. and that means you will do him no harm now too.

And who else now are these too often and unacceptable abusers? why is is that they so readily abuse others now too? They tend to be persons who have their own value system, and clearly also a lack of love for others, and a lack of love for their jobs now as well. In case you did not notice it I do not accept any physical, verbal, mental, human rights abuses by anyone of anyone and I rightfully do instead demand their full, open exposure and public prosecution now as well and no matter who they are, Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MNA, MLA, MPP, Doctors, lawyers, cops, pastors, etc..

One does now have to fight for one’s rights to be respected , rather you have to complain loudly to all about the unacceptable abuses that you got. Unfortunately complaining once about the bad governmental or police services, courts does not seem to help for too often now it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate so many persons do have to even complain many times and world wide now too..

The RCMP itself now here by their own poor actions are again guilty of racial profiling and of homicide, aiding and abetting a murderous act… and the RCMP should now be fully prosecuted by the law for it. I do not accept the abuse of even one persons rights quietly and rightfully now as well. The related RCMP managements itself should be fired, removed from their job as a direct result too.

“On Sept. 18, 2008, a 911 operator received a report of shots fired inside a rural Mission home. A transcript indicated that when the dispatcher relayed the information to the local RCMP detachment, the officer on duty, Constable Mike White, responded, “Six gunshots in a row and a crash,” and then was heard laughing.Constable White went to the home – and three minutes later left without even getting out of his car. (Another RCMP officer and an auxiliary member also attended in a separate vehicle, but did not get out of their car either).Four days later, the Mounties were called to the home again. Inside, they found one man dead and a woman alive but barely clinging to life. She died en route to hospital.The parents of the dead woman, Mark and Rosemarie Surakka, lodged a complaint with the RCMP concerning the conduct of the senior investigating officer – Constable White. They contended that their daughter, Lisa Dudley, would likely be alive today had the officer done his job properly and gone inside the house the night the shots were fired.The officer, now a corporal – he was promoted less than a month after the incident – faced a disciplinary hearing this year for his actions in 2008. The hearing came about mostly because of pressure put on the Mounties by the Surakkas. It lasted less than an hour. The officer was formally reprimanded and docked a day’s pay. And that was it.”

The death of a citizen clearly does not matter to the RCMP unacceptably, and clearly the bad police were, are afraid of gunshots, so they do not act.. but still the constable could have saved a life had he just done his job.. he did not do his job so he should be along with the others be dismissed from his job permanently

Self Masturbation are still the main approach of RCMP internal reviews.The RCMP must still go!

July 20, 2011

Another RCMP, Mountie charged with assault? too many rotten apples in the RCMP now!

Opinion250 News

RCMP Constable Chris Emon was charged with assaulting a hospital patient and do note he has been charged with assaulting a restrained hospital patient but the same RCMP officer will still get meanwhile  his full pay etc.. ..
Meanwhile the BC Civil Liberties Association will present findings of their Small Town Justice report in Prince George tonight.

Three names top list for RCMP commissioner’s job Vancouver
– ‎Jul 18, 2011‎  Lt.-Gen Andrew Leslie is considered one of three top contenders for the job of RCMP commissioner.


The RCMP are a big joke these days….

Retired RCMP blood-spatter expert pleads guilty to perjury Montreal Gazette  Jul 25, 2011‎ Spenard, who was an RCMP officer for 32 years and  testified at the trial of serial killer Robert Pickton, had initially claimed the report was written by another police officer. But under cross-examination by defence lawyer Matthew Nathanson, he admitted to misleading the court.


Did the RCMP have grounds to spy on Northrop Frye?  – ‎Jul 25, 2011‎ The RCMP Security Service once spied  on famed literary scholar Northrop Frye, the Canadian Press reports. According  to newly released archival records, Canadian intelligence used a secret  informant to compile a 142-page file on the


June 28, 2011

It’s time to replace the RCMP

Just when one thinks we’ve reached the final straw of frustration and upset with the RCMP, the national police force finds a way to produce another straw.

The list of Mountie misdeeds in B.C. is as notorious as it is lengthy — the botched Air India inquiry, the length of time it took to catch serial killer Robert Pickton, the airport Tasering death of Robert Dziekanski (and the upcoming perjury trials of the officers), the upcoming trial of Kelowna RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler for allegedly using excessive force in two arrests — and that’s just some of the examples.

Now, four senior RCMP officers investigating the Surrey Six murders have been charged with obstruction of justice, breach of trust and fraud, including one who allegedly had an affair with the ex-girlfriend of one of the killers.

B.C.’s policing contract with the RCMP expires next year and it is time for provincial politicians seriously to consider not renewing that contract.

Many British Columbians have lost faith in the RCMP and for good reason. B.C. should establish its own provincial police department and return some honour to policing.

Read more:

see also

..hire decent cops rather and also..

Pimm resigns from BC Liberal caucus after domestic dispute

Globe and Mail – ‎Jun 27, 2011‎ St John RCMP cells. RCMP spokesman Corporal Dan
Moskaluk said no charges had been laid as of Monday. If police do recommend
charges, a special prosecutor would be assigned to handle the case because of
Mr. Pimm’s status as an elected official.
.. not again…

June 26, 2011

For the fast readers

June 22, 2011

When the police in Canada’s major cities tend not to be any better

When for decades even the poorly managed RCMP have also lied, stolen , misappropriated taxpayer’s, governmental funds, and took false advantage of the overall system, they all next realy now cannot be trusted, and they are not even cost effective thus so why should we  all now be surprised that even  the Police in Canada’s major cities including Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto they also  tend not to be any better nor it seems the related justice ministers in fact..


Canada’s Police too often they also tend to like to arrest anyone ASAP and next even falsey claim they have done their job well.


see also 


At the G20 police fisco, the RCMP, OPP, and the Toronto police were involved, assisted by officers from several Canadian cities.


Police under fire as fresh statistics show charges dropped in 59% of G20 cases

Toronto Star- ‎Jun 20, 2011 Farrah McBride went to the G20 protests in downtown Toronto, upset by news of vandals smashing windows. But the assistant manager at a restaurant supply store was transformed from spectator to prisoner when police arrested virtually everyone in front of the Hotel Novotel on The Esplanade on the night of Saturday, June 26, 2010. She says she was held, handcuffed, at the temporary Eastern Ave. detention centre without adequate water, food or her correct anti-anxiety medicine. She suffered a severe anxiety attack before she was released without charge after 18 hours. It opened my eyes. I never imagined this would ever happen in Canada,” says McBride, 29. “I totally lost respect for police. I can’t even look at them now.”More than 1100 people were held over the Toronto G20 weekend, the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Only 317 people were charged with summit-related criminal offences.And of those, 187 have seen their charges withdrawn, stayed or dismissed, according to statistics released by the Ontario attorney general’s ministry Monday. Just 24 pleaded guilty.“It’s a classic example of police overcharging,” says lawyer Clayton Ruby,Nathalie Des Rosiers, General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says demonstrators were targeted while simply exercising their democratic rights. Emilie Guimond-Bélanger rode on a chartered bus from Montreal to demonstrate peacefully for economic and women’s rights. Instead, she spent two cold, sleepless nights in custody, struggling to go to the bathroom out of sight of male guards, enduring two strip searches and begging for enough food to counter nausea. Peter Gill, 25, a Vancouver support care worker, says Ontario Provincial Police officers roughly arrested him as he walked away from a peaceful demonstration. He was handed to two Toronto police officers, who threatened to beat him up and drove fast in their squad car, slamming on the brakes so the handcuffed prisoner banged his head on the transparent divider, he says.They would say: “We’re going to pull over here and beat the s—t out of you and pretend you were resisting arrest.”Gill was charged with possessing explosives and weapons. But all he carried were harmless items like snacks and ear plugs, he says. Charges were withdrawn five months later.
Bad cops are never, never acceptable …
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