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September 28, 2012

When exposed in Quebec all of the crooks start to blame the others

The feds blame the cops, the RCMP, the province, while the RCMP blames the Montreal Municipal and  the Quebec provincial Governments.. what a circus that is now going on.. all  while criminals were having a field day abusing the tax payers monies.. The Montreal Mayor and the federal Conservatives, RCMP  all now  have   denied any wrongdoing in the matters.. and who  now openly will admit their guilt?  another Watergate or Montrealgate..

Ties between well-known construction entrepreneurs and the highest figures in the Italian Mafia are being described at Quebec’s corruption inquiry.” The Mafia in Montreal focuses on a few traditional staples. This includes the drug trade, sports betting and illegal gambling, extortion, and money laundering as their principal illegitimate money-makers. They are also involved in numerous legal industries such as restaurants, construction companies and private security”. At this Quebec province’s corruption  inquiry the inquiry has also heard that construction costs are driven up in Quebec by a  bid-rigging cartel, where the Mafia claims a percentage on certain projects. And  the devastating scope of allegations  gushing out from Quebec’s corruption inquiry, which has barely even begun is frightening. From a list of 21 construction companies that received more than $1 billion  in public contracts from the City of Montreal alone in the last half-decade, and  published in a 2011 list by the city’s auditor general, roughly half have either  been named at the inquiry this week or have been tied to criminal fraud  charges. Read more:



Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay whose police station is across from his city hall  only now is demanding that new Quebec Government rapidly enact new measures to battle corruption in the awarding of municipal contracts. Even though previously Major Tremblay under the previous Liberal government had apparently said he had it all under control, it was not that bad. Mayor Tremblay now claims he was was shocked by recent RCMP public testimony at the Charbonneau Commission which shed more light on alleged bid rigging that has taken place in Montreal in more recent years. Tremblay mow has also expressed anger at the ineffective Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who had sat on the information without passing it along to his staff.


The governments now also do say that they they are not to blame for the fact that the clearly incompetent pretentious police are more effective in prosecuting successfully money generating traffic tickets over the significantly more important conviction of drunk, impaired drivers… In 2010, according to the report, 915 people were charged with drug-impaired driving nationwide, representing only 1.4 per cent of the total number of impaired-driving charges laid.

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Here is what I have found interesting.. Now for decades I too have known that association with money tends to tempt and to corrupt people, the Judas syndrome, and follow the money trail, the oldest rule of Journalism.. and I have even decades ago written that it is still an understated fact that the corruption most often exists firstly in the purchasing, procurements departments even in Corporations, Governments, Hospitals, Public and Civil Services and yet no many persons has been arrested, exposed for that. until recently in Quebec, at least. Now as per the Major Montreal Hospitals and the City of Montreal I too do still just cannot believe that less than a handful of civil and public servants were , crooked in the procurement, tender departments now even for decades.. all an unbelievable unblemished record.. and why was that now realy?


“Executives at engineering giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., won’t comment on allegation $22.5M payment linked to MUHC super hospital project. Leslie Quinton, an SNC-Lavalin spokesperson, was quoted in the La Presse  as presently not wishing to confirm or deny that $22.5 million of the questionable payments that surfaced earlier this year involved the super hospital contract.” The persons at the receiving end of the bribe as well is yet to be fully confirmed..

All the Federal And Quebec Police forces themselves now in reality are also to blame for the continuing Quebec Corruption Saga the last 50 years now too since they had clearly wrongfully failed to do anything good about it cause they did not want the rock the political establishment, to bite the hands of those who make their budgets, feed them.. hypocrites!

Quebec is also known to be too soft on crimes
THE LOVE OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. It has been an undeniable known fact that for decades and decades too many of the Quebec’s politicians and all of the related political parties now have wrongfully been too soft on crime, criminals even in the municipal. provincial, federal governments, and above all even amongst themselves, and even at the professional levels.. We have had perversity involved even in building a Montreal Hospital, even in the Mayor’s own executive office. Bad management of resources and personnel is an unacceptable sad fact of life here even in Hospitals, and with the Police, not just in the governments, and no one cared to deal with it. Tax evasion is an ongoing fact of life here too.


Too many Montreal Hospital administrators  falsely tend to turn their blind eyes to the inadequacies, wrong doings of their associates and subordinates  and how is this coming along now too?

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